Monday, October 13, 2014

Mayweather wins $600,000 on Denver Broncos interception

When the Denver Broncos grabbed an interception against the NY Jets and returned it for a touchdown, that helped cover the point spread in the Broncos 31 - 17 victory. Floyd Mayweather Jr. bet $815,000 on the Broncos to beat the Jets by 7.5 points. Soon after he collected $1.4 million from the sports book at the M Resort in Las Vegas.

Jason Simbal, the vice president of race and sports at M Resorts said, "Floyd didn't watch the game here, but he certainly showed up shortly thereafter to cash."

For most people who bet on sports Sunday wipes them out and there's lots of complaining about bad beats and what could have been and what should have happened. Not this Sunday, this was the rare day for the bettors and two interceptions turned losing tickets into winning ones. The aforementioned Broncos victory over the Jets and a Cardinals interception against the Redskins.

When Arizona Cardinals defensive back Rashad Johnson intercepted the Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins for a touchdown, it helped the Cardinals cover the spread in their 30 - 20 win.

Jay Rood, the MGM Grand's vice president of race and sports said, "The place went absolutely beserk. I kicked a hole in the wall. I'll leave it as a reminder of my feelings toward Geno Smith. Those two interceptions cost us a half-a-million dollars."

It's kind of hard to feel sorry for the sports books when they are in the business of getting you to empty your pockets like the rest of the casino, and I know some people will say that no one is forcing these gamblers to bet but I'm just saying I like to see the little guy win once in a while, even if one of the little guys is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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