Friday, October 10, 2014

Hundreds of Domestic Violence Cases Unreported by NFL Team

     In the wake of the Ray Rice video that shows him knocking out his then fiancee, a lot of important discussions have started about domestic violence. Since the video came out the NFL has received a lot of backlash for having a caveman mentality when it comes to the treatment of women by some NFL players. This has been the problem with domestic violence around the world in general. People see it as a problem that goes on behind closed doors and as a problem that is none of their business.

     Jerry Angelo, the former General Manager of the Chicago Bears admitted to thinking that way. He said he knew of "hundreds and hundreds" of domestic violence incidents during his 30 years in the league. "I made a mistake. I was human. I was part of it. I'm not proud of it."

     Angelo said his typical approach when learning of a player's involvement in a domestic violence case was to ask "Ok, is everybody ok? Yeah. How are they doing? Good. And then we'd just move on. We'd move on."

     Angelo said the reason he came forward after so many years is because the Ray Rice video made him feel remorse. "It was the pictures, it was the video. We had never seen that before. We knew it was wrong. For whatever reason, it just kind of got glossed over. I'm no psychiatrist so I can't really get into what that part of it is. I'm just telling you how I was. I've got to look at myself first. And I was part of that, but I didn't stand alone" Angelo said.

     On Thursday the Bears released a statement denying any knowledge of Angelo's comments. "We were suprised by Jerry's comments and do not know what he is referring to."

     If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, there is nothing more gutless, nothing more pathetic than a man hitting a woman. It's just horrible whether its mental, verbal, or physical, abuse is abuse and in the past it was sugar coated or just swept under the rug. I commend Jerry Angelo for finally admitting he was wrong for looking the other way, how many of his colleagues still have their heads in the sand?

     As negative and as ugly as the Rice video was at least it got the conversation going. Today you see ads about domestic violence and women's shelters are becoming overcrowded because abused women are getting the message and doing something to get help and get out of dangerous situations. Fundraisers are being held to raise money for charities of domestic violence and October has been named Domestic Violence month all in an effort to get the word out there and keep it out that domestic violence should not and will not be accepted no matter who you are.

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