Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dallas Cowboys RB arrested for shoplifting

When TIME magazine said 'welcome to the information age' several years back they weren't kidding. Average citizens have facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts. Even blogs like this one where you can vent your frustrations out to the world. Most of the time I am writing about sports and about athletes. Athletes are people too and no one is perfect so they're gonna screw up. That being said, when you make a stupid decision like shoplifting, the police are gonna get involved. If you're a pro athlete and you shoplift, the world is going to know about it.

I guess when Dallas Cowboys RB Joseph Randle went shopping at the Stonebriar Centre Mall in Texas dude must have forgotten his wallet. According to police reports, the security officers observed Randle purchase an item at the perfume counter before walking to the underwear section and concealing merchandise in his bag from Dillard's. Then he left the store before being stopped in the parking lot by security.

The security officers say they recovered a two pack of black Polo underwear valued at $39.50 and an $84 bottle of Gucci Guilty Black cologne. Randle was charged with a misdemeanor Class B theft of $50 - $500 according to Frisco, Texas police.

So let me get this straight, a guy who's making about $500,000 a year playing for the Dallas Cowboys gets caught stealing $123.50 worth of merchandise? That is straight up stupid. You're making a half-a-million a year but you're stealing underwear and cologne? Come on! This is more insane then Jerry Jones posing with those young women in those instagram pics.

Oh and it's not like dude is feeling remorse. After being placed in the back of a police car Randle told an officer that he would've just kept walking to his car when confronted by a security officer if he had known he would be arrested according to the arrest report. On Sunday, Randle helped the Cowboys beat Seattle on the road and on Monday he tried to relieve Dillard's of some of their inventory. Again, why when you know your face is going to be plastered all over social media? Maybe he didn't think he was going to get caught. $123.50, hope that was worth it.

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