Friday, August 26, 2011

NBA Star Loses Case Against 'Basketball Wives L.A.'

I was just going through some of my past blogs from my freshman year of college and I never published these blogs I just sent them to my friends who would give me feedback. "Man Sleeps On Roof, Need I Say More", "Girlfriend Shot By Boyfriend...sort of", and my favorite of all time "Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop", these blogs are all considered classics not only by me but my English professor at the Communications bldg Ms. Bonnar let me know. If you knew me back then and read my blogs, you'd know how I felt about a new phenomenon taking place in television called Reality TV.

I hate reality tv with a passion and I also hate the Writers Guild of America for creating this genre. COPS was the first reality show to air in 1989 when the Writers Guild went on strike and ever since we have been inundated with cops chasing criminals, who wants to marry a millionaire?, the bachelor and bachelorette, real world, road rules, the housewives of orange county near laguna hills adjacent to fontana near rancho cougar munga errrr well you get the point. My friend Jessica likes to critique everything so a heads up Jess, I spelled them all in lower case on purpose because I don't respect this kind of "programming".

Someone who shares my feelings about reality tv, specifically about 'Basketball Wives: Los Angeles' is Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas. If the original Basketball Wives filmed in Miami, Florida isn't big enough of a trainwreck for you, get ready for the L.A. version. Arenas lost Thursday in a California federal court. He was trying to block his former fiancee from appearing on the program and mentioning his name. Arenas and Laura Govan have four children together and he claimed his family life should not be aired on the program.

When asked why she ruled against him Judge Dolly Gee said, "Arenas suggests that any discussion of his family life is not sufficiently related to his celebrity to render 'BWLA's' use of his identity as a matter of public concern. This contention is belied by the tens of thousands of Twitter users who follow Arenas as he tweets about a variety of mundane occurances."

In other words, if dude wasn't running his mouth on Twitter, maybe he would've won. Incredible! Another athlete burned by social media. When will these guys learn? A month ago Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans f-bombed the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and mentioned his retirement on facebook only to take it all back when reports started popping up...allegedly! Kenny then went with the "my facebook account was hacked" defense, nice try dude.

Sadly it looks as if reality tv is here to stay I mean I thought it would fade away especially after such debacles as Man vs Beast and Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? Remember the dude lied to producers about being a millionaire and the girl whom he selected to marry didn't want to marry him but she went through with it and then they went on a honeymoon but she claimed it was more like a kidnapping. My favorite part was that she just wanted her life back as a nurse in California but for like two months she kept popping up on every Entertainment Tonight type of show...ok so I watched but it Was filmed in Las Vegas, it's not like I could get away from it if I wanted to.

Sorry for getting off the point, sad day for Gilbert Arenas, NBA lockout and now his ex is going to air all of his dirty laundry on tv. I'd like to thank my younger cousin Isabelle and her entire generation for continuing to watch this garbage. Still I'm proud to say I have never watched one episode of American Karaoke errrr I mean American Idol.

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