Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers' Linebacker Blows Up NFL Commissioner

He's Baaaaacccckkkk! What is up? I missed you guys, well the ones that comment on the main website. I missed all the smack talk good and bad I have to be honest. I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant 4th of July holiday. I found out a lot about myself during this past holiday, namely that I am a media junkie. Maria wouldn't let me bring my laptop but thank God for smart phones. I was like that e-trade baby on that commercial. Each time she caught me looking at my phone she would roll her eyes or get upset with me and all I could think of was all of the great news I was missing.

I had fun though hanging out with the relatives for family reunion and well lets just say that once a year is enough of seeing them but I love them. I forgot how small Connecticut was, I mean I'm used to Nevada and Las Vegas so I'm jaded I guess but you can drive though the state in like an hour and a half. My favorite experience was that I had to cash one of my checks there...I don't get direct deposit and I wish they'd stop trying to convince me...but yeah nothing like a teller hitting on you. She's like you work for Fox? What do you do? and I'm like radio and she's like DJ? hip hop? and I'm like no AM radio sports you know and she didn't lol Like most women I mean there's some female listeners I'm sure but lets face it, there's like 98% dudes listening. How disappointing ladies step your game up we need you.

Speaking of Fox, the boss is in trouble, I mean the big boss Rupert Murdoch...well I will wait to see what happens, I mean I was told that I shouldn't even blog about it, someone may run with whatever I say.

Sort of like what happened to Pittsburgh Steelers' linebacker James Harrison. In the upcoming August issue of Men's Journal, James Harrison blows up the NFL Commissioner. It's no secret how Harrison feels about the league after he became one of the most fined athlete's in the NFL for his violent tackles. Last year he was fined $100,000 for hits that were deemed too violent for the league. Well he was quoted as saying, "If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out , I wouldn't do it. I hate him and would never respect him." Harrison was referring to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Harrison also refers to Goodell as an anti-Gay slur, "stupid", "puppet", and a "dictator". Harrison also said he would've whispered in Goodell's ear, "Why don't you quit and do something else, like start your own league in flag football" had the Steelers defeated the Green Bay Packers in the Superbowl.

Harrison wasn't done, he also goes after teammates Rashard Mendenhall and Ben Roethlisberger. He calls Mendenhall a "fumble machine" and as for Roethlisberger he says, "Hey at least throw a pick on their side of the field instead of asking the D to bail you out again. Or hand the ball off and stop trying to act like Peyton Manning. You ain't that and you know it, man; you just get paid like he does."

Wow! Well first of all I would like to look at the positive side and that would be that James Harrison honestly spoke about how he feels on a number of issues and that's all a report wants is an honest answer. That being said, I will start with his team. you realized what you've just done? You threw your quarterback and running back under the bus...well more like under a train. That's like walking into the locker room with a grenade and pulling the pin. That should go over well in Pittsburgh.

Now for the Commissioner, say what you will about him. He's made changes to the game that fans hate but most of the younger fans don't know about former commissioner Paul Tagliabue's changes and we were just getting used to those. Most people would celebrate if their boss was on fire but how many people would say it? "If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out I wouldn't do it"? Wow! James how do you really feel? Incredible! Then he calls him an anti-Gay slur among other things and wants him to start his own league in flag football? James dude, you think you got fined last season, you might as well hand over your checkbook to the league.

This is incredible! If you said this to your boss they would show you the door. I mean he had to know this was on the record right? This is unprecedented, I mean it'll be interesting to see how the league handles this. I think dudes gets suspended games for this, maybe the entire season, that's happened before. Probably not what you want to do coming off of a lockout situation. Remember, NFL players only get paid during the 17 week regular season, so if your team missed the playoffs, those guys haven't gotten paid this year. Harrison's made a lot of money in his career but I don't know if you want to throw away of season of paychecks especially coming off of the lockout. Cecil Fielder thinks this guy throws his money away.

Steelers' President Art Rooney II said, "We will discuss the situation at the appropriate time, when permitted once the labor situation is resolved." In other words, we will suspend Harrison as soon as we can and hopefully the team won't get penalized for his mouth. I know one thing, they need to get this lockout over and get to training camps asap because players + too much free time = jail usually. Hines Ward another Steelers veteran got busted for DUI. He also won Dancing with the Stars this year...if ever there was a trophy you'd want to hide from public view if you're a world class football player, that thing is made for the garage...congrats for winning I guess.

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