Friday, June 3, 2011

One Of The Biggest Coverups In College Football History

Is it really June? Seems like I was slamming a Corona watching the New Year's Eve ball drop like a week ago, damn this year's flying. Well this means I am three months away from my Mexican Cruise and like Bart Scott would say I "Can't Wait". Last time there some girls I know wanted to get off the boat at one of the ports and "explore" and shop and I go are you insane? This year may be different especially if my best friend Jessica brings her Khloe and Lamar dvds, I hope she's joking.

Speaking of basketball, the NBA Finals are going on and I may be a little more excited if they didn't drag this thing out more than that have to. I watched Game 1 and I listened to all the so called experts. 'It's Miami's time, these guys don't lose at home, they've found their groove'. I watched Game 2 where the Heat dominated much of the game building a double digit lead only to blow it in the final 7 minutes. Once again coming from ahead to lose in spectacular fashion...again! Now they're headed to Dallas for the next three games, Heat fans say it with me...uh oh!

June also means the Scripps spelling bee. The showcase of little freaks errrr I mean talented youth who can spell words that you and I and 99% of the world will never use in a sentence. Well congrats to 14 year old Sukanya Roy for correctly spelling "Cymotrichous" which means "wavy hair", to win this year's spelling bee. Oh and Shaq retired? Seems weird, this guy's been playing longer than I've been alive...well it seems that way at least. Good luck Shaq, maybe you and Steven Seagal can team up in SWAT or something.

I actually have an update of sorts to the whole Ohio State University debacle playing out right before our eyes. You know, my friends are weird, they write my personal email address asking if I have any thoughts on the downfall of The Ohio State when the truth is I've already written three blogs about the subject. find me there dudes it isn't hard, it's where I have the most readers so it's where I write the most. But the scope of the cover up is immense. By now you all know about former head coach Jim Tressel getting fired errrr I mean resigning before he could be fired, now the spotlight is on QB Terrelle Pryor rolling around in new vehicles with a suspended license...allegedly.

I should say those claims have been disputed, the eight or ten or twelve cars dude was rolling in were said to be "loaner cars" from a dealership that was working on his personal car. His lawyer also says his license has been reinstated. I don't see why everyone was so shocked, just because the head coach knew about the free tattoos and the weed, and the women, and the cars, and not only did Tressel look the other way, he also lied to the NCAA. There's having your player's backs and then there's this and it cost him his job. People in Ohio also want the Athletic Director's Gene Smith's head but President Gordan Gee said that Smith's job is safe.

This blog isn't about Pryor, Smith, or Tressel, it is about junior linebacker Storm Klein. His father is out to defend his son by seeking a lawsuit against the NCAA and Sports Illustrated who broke the story about what's really been going on at The U. Jason Klein said, "I have raised my son right. Storm has no tattoos on his body whatsoever. He doesn't have a drug problem, and multiple tests prove that. I have every single bit of his Ohio State memorabilia in my possession. I will be meeting with attorneys shortly to pursue action against the NCAA and Sports Illustrated. That's all I have to say at this time." Storm Klein was listed as one of the players that sold personal items for tattoos or money.

I listened to the Dan Patrick show where Sports Illustrated writer George Dorhmann and Dorhmann implied there was more to come regarding Ohio State and cover ups. He also admitted he received a lot of his information from drug dealers who would hangout with players off campus. I'm trying to wait it out, I don't want to do 100 blogs on the same subject, I'm not a reporter anymore thank God, I don't have a deadline to meet so I'll wait and see how it plays out. Ohio State has certainly been tarnished, I mean this is worse than the Reggie Bush/USC scandal. What's crazy about that is if Reggie had re-payed those shady guys he took money from, he'd still have his Heisman Trophy and he'd still be prominently displayed in Heritage Hall. Unfortunately, I have a feeling I will be writing about Ohio State again in the coming days and it doesn't look good.

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