Monday, June 13, 2011

Auburn Assistant 'Chest Bumps' President Obama

The NBA Finals are finally over, congratulations to the 2011 NBA Champions the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs are sort of a 'Bad News Bears' of the NBA meaning the team was full of great players who had achieved success and respect in the league but just couldn't get that championship ring until now. I honestly didn't care who won I don't root for teams, well not until my ex called me from Florida talking smack about Miami and I'm like Vegas doesn't even have a team so I cheered Dallas you know gotta represent the West and I'm not saying they won the championship because of me but basically they won the championship because of me. Shout out to Mark Cuban, I'll be expecting some Dallas championship gear in my inbox at work, send it c/o Delon G.

The Miami Heat have been taking lots of heat since their Wrestlemania entrance announcing the big three last July. I actually feel bad for these guys especially Lebron, dude has been criticized like no athlete I can remember. To me Lebron didn't do anything wrong, his contract was up after seven years in Cleveland so he could go wherever he wanted. But dude had a triple double and still took fire, that's when I said this is crazy. Just because the Heat turned into the Washington Generals in the fourth quarter doesn't mean you should keep bashing this guy. That's why I was happy to see him lash out at his critics and fans after the Game 6 loss. Lebron said, "All the people that were rooting for me to fail, at the end of the day, tomorrow they have to wake up and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They got the same personal problems they had today. And I'm going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things I want to do."

Maria and I were having lunch at Emeril's when Jessica found us errrrr I mean happened to be walking by and Jess was like 'that's so mean I can't believe he said that' referring to Lebron's statement. I'm like hey, the guy has had enough. If you were getting bashed everyday wherever you go eventually enough is enough I mean's he's human even if he is the "chosen one". My only problem is that Lebron only targeted the poor fans when there's plenty of rich people also celebrating his loss. Off the top of my head I know one rich guy popping champagne like Lil Wayne and it's Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. The Heatles will be back, don't know about the head coach though...that's the kind of league it is today, you can take a team to the NBA Finals and be looking for work by summer.

Well the NBA is done for a while and college football has been staying relevant in the news with the various dui's and arrest that happen to all athletes lets be fair. But something that has never happened in the history of America took place last Wednesday and somehow I missed it. A co-worker told me she heard about it on one of the sports radio programs and I did some research and couldn't believe it. I certainly didn't believe it was possible especially this day and age. Auburn Assistant Trooper Taylor will go down in the record books. He will be a question on Jeopardy. He is the only person in history to have 'chest bumped' a sitting President of the United States of America!

On Wednesday during the President's annual visit with the defending BCS Champions, the President and Auburn Assistant Trooper Taylor are seen chest bumping with several stunned players in the background and several pissed secret service officials looking on. I saw the video on youtube and it happened there's no denying it. Like the Boston Celtics guard Delonte West would say "How playa is that man?" I know President Obama wants to be a regular man of the people and that he's not a luxury suite guy, he's more of a sit front row at a Wizards game with the regular people...well $2000 per seat regular people, kind of guy. But this can't happen I mean you are the most powerful man in the world.

I don't think George Bush was chest bumping the Texas Rangers. I don't think Bill Clinton was chest bumping the Arkansas Razorbacks. You know Reagan wasn't down with chest bumps. Lincoln on the other hand looked like he would be down or Patton or Truman. You can't be giving out chest bumps as the Commander and Chief you just can't. Not only did the President do it, it looks like he initiated it. What's next Hillary Clinton hitting the Women's College World Series champs with a gatorade shower? Sarah Palin headbutting the women's soccer players? For God's sake keep the political world and the sports world separate, it's too freaking weird.

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