Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MMA Fighter Fought While Pregnant

Fighters have always fascinated me, I mean it takes a different type of person to climb into a ring or a cage and trade blows with an opponent until you're the last one standing. I also believe that fighters are the most conditioned in shape kind of athletes. Think about your last fight and how winded you were after 15 seconds, these guys battle nearly 30 minutes. I don't know what drives a fighter but I know it isn't easy for them to retire because they continually come back for more punishment or maybe they still think they have what it takes.

How many legends have come back, Muhammed Ali, Joe Frazier, George Forman, even today's fighters like Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins, well Hopkins is a different cat altogether, dude's in his 40's and he's the favorite in his upcoming bout in Montreal. MMA fighters have that same drive and legends like Ken Shamrock, Chuck Liddell, and Tito Ortiz have helped mixed martial arts become what it is today. Women's MMA is just as interesting although I must admit I'm not really into two women beating the hell out of each other but if one of the women were pregnant I'd be repulsed.

That's what happened when Cindy Dandois defeated Jorina Baars with a second round TKO in their March 19th fight. This was her first fight since she returned to the ring and she was supposed to fight Gina Carano in June but her pregnancy test came back positive automatically cancelling the fight. In the U.S. female fighters have to take pregnancy test in order to be cleared to fight. Good thing we're not in Europe, overseas women need only to sign a release stating they're not pregnant.

Carano is still scheduled to fight on June 18th in Dallas on the Strikeforce card. I don't know why, her former opponent is shopping for cribs and picking baby names. No new opponent has been lined up for Carano as of this post.

How many things are wrong with this story? First of all, if testing is done before the women fight then how did Dandois get to the arena? She fought on March 19th and she's currently three and a half months pregnant? Who's doing the testing Major League Baseball...allegedly! Barry Bonds thinks they're testing policy is shady. Danois is tough I mean she won by TKO and there is video on youtube but I can't watch I find myself cringing when she gets hit.

And the European Commission needs to check themselves seriously before some women get hurt, I mean how is that allowed over there? Women sign a release saying they're not pregnant and they can lace up? What if she's lying? Have you ever thought of that? Why not make them pinky swear or cross their fingers, it would be just as stupid. And before I get emails explaining why the release I know it's to protect the Commission from lawsuits. Still, I believe they should throw down a few hundred on some cases of EPT or some other pregnancy tests instead of risking brain damage or worse.

This is the worst thing I've heard since I found out some idiot with a ton of money is trying to bring back roller derby oh and jousting. Then again the Olympic Committee wanted to make Bridge an official event, yup the card game so I don't know why I still get surprised. That being said don't be expecting any roller derby or jousting or bridge blogs because if it comes down to that I'm quitting.

Friday, April 8, 2011

S. Carolina Qb Suspended Indefinitely

The old ball coach is in the news again, Steve Spurrier, a legendary coach in the SEC Conference, has said that his starting QB Stephen Garcia was suspended from the football program indefinitely after the QB guaranteed he would not get into trouble again. Eric Hyman, the Athletic Director of South Carolina said, "Stephen has exhibited behavior that is unacceptable for one of our student athletes. Therefore, he has forfeited the privilege to participate in any football related activity until further notice."

Apparently, Garcia was loud and disruptive at a mandatory leadership seminar Tuesday night. Alcohol could be detected on his breath and he was asked to leave the event. Garcia admitted to drinking before the event as he was celebrating his teammate's birthday. The event was part of the Mentors in Violence Prevention program which was made a requirement for SEC athletes three years ago. Spurrier said that Garcia's suspension would last though the spring semester and his status beyond that would be determined at a later date.

"If he's back, he's back. If he's not, he's not. It's really the same thing as a guy getting hurt, a guy going pro or whatever. Players come and go as we all know. This instance should have never happened, but it did. So this is where we are" Spurrier said.

My friend Alex, who wants to hang out everyday now that he's married for some reason I'm like dude hang out with your wife lol, he thinks the suspension is a little harsh. I don't think it is, not when dude has been suspended five times! This guy gets t'd up more than Dwight Howard, sorry D at least you can sing more Smash Mouth karaoke during your suspension.

Look at this point we all know Garcia's a trainwreck waiting to happen. Five suspensions? What does that tell you? Dude cannot get out of his own way. Falling down drunk at a Violence Prevention seminar? Dude's lucky they didn't bring out the tasers. You gotta love the OBC, the old ball coach. No one spins a story like Steve Spurrier, well maybe Nick Saban after he lied to the Miami Dolphins.

Everything Spurrier said in that quote is gold. "If he's back, he's back"? Do you think they're going to let Garcia go? They looked the other way four times errrr I mean handled his suspensions internally four times. "It's the same thing as a guy getting hurt or going pro"? Uh no it isn't, how is a drunk quarterback the same as an injured quarterback? Going pro? I don't think they reward that kind of behavior unless you went to the University of Miami errrr uhhhh I mean just kidding. "Players come and go as we all know".

Come on Steve give us a little credit here huh, of course players come and go hell my friends and I play football so technically we're players. You left out the key word...Starting! Starting players don't just come and go which is why this guy got a slap on the wrist errrr I mean suspended five times. Hey I understand it's South Carolina and not Alabama or Texas or Auburn, it's hard to recruit to S. Carolina when you can go to one of those other colleges but don't act like you can pull the next Cam Newton or Tim Tebow anytime you want.

Or maybe I'm wrong I mean what do I know? They can go with their backup Connor Shaw who's going to be a sophomore and threw 33 times in only nine appearances a year ago. This isn't the Mountain West Conference no offense Nevada I love you guys but the South Eastern Conference is a different animal, they'll tear Connor's head off or try at least. They have to face powerhouse schools on a consistent basis. Georgia, Auburn, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, etc. So when Spurrier says that Garcia's status would be determined at a later date, I'm willing to bet the status will go from suspended back to starting QB. Then again summer isn't even here yet and Garcia's gotta stay clean until autumn. The bookies probably have an over/under on another suspension...