Monday, March 28, 2011

Most Ridiculous Final Four Ever

Broadcasting live from the Fox Sports Radio building on West Flamingo, I always wanted to say that. I'm actually writing from the game room errrr I mean the green room at work. How the hell do they expect us to get any work done when the green room's literally a mancave. I'm not complaining I love it but how many people have a pinball machine next to the coffee maker? Anyway, what a wild and exciting weekend for college basketball fans. I stopped filling out brackets years ago when George Mason upset UConn to reach the Final Four. Jim Rome talks about this on his show and we have our own bracket guy handing out printed brackets and you really do want to punch him in the face and take your $20 back from the office pool, the only thing worse then bracket guy or office pool guy is my kid's selling cookies lady.

Ok so who did you think would be in this year's Final Four? Duke? They're always tough until Arizona beat them by 19 points and told Coach K peace! I said ok Arizona's on a roll until UConn showed them the door. UConn's in along with Kentucky, Butler, and VCU. What? Butler? Granted they went to the Final Four last year so that was no fluke but I though Pittsburgh was coming out of the Southeast bracket because they were ranked #1. At least UCLA or Florida but Butler? BYU what happened well nevermind we know what happened, still they showed a lot of heart and made it further than I thought they would, if they hadn't lost a player earlier due to "violations" I wonder how far they'd be.

Now for the team that completes the Final Four, Virginia Commonwealth University, VC freaking U! I'll tell you how impressed I am with this team, these guys had to win a play-in game just to make it into the tournament! They had to beat USC in the First Four to get into the field of 64 teams meaning they have won 5 games already in the tournament. This is why I'm so impressed, after beating USC they had to upset four teams in a row to get to this point. Georgetown a #6, Purdue a #3, Florida State a #10, and Kansas last night who were the last remaining #1 seed in the tournament. VCU's ranked #11 and they're in the Final Four vs #8 Butler, I mean its ridiculous but this is why this tournament is the best in sports because anyone has a chance to win it all, even a little college in Richmond with a little over 32,000 students enrolled.

Can you imagine if these guys beat Butler and pull off a miracle and defeat either Kentucky or UConn? They're going to burn down the campus like Vegas tried to do after UNLV won the Championship way back in 1990. That's right Maria, giving me a hard time about my team after our first round exit against Illinois, at least we did win the NCAA Championship. Granted I may have been using training wheels when it happened but it did happen in my lifetime and UNLV will win it again, what the hell we got VCU and Butler this year in the Final Four don't tell me we don't have a shot next year. I tweeted about Kansas choking errrr I mean well yeah I was right, the best part was the shocked look on the faces on the Kansas fans who just knew they'd be playing next week in Houston. I tweeted about how much money these people threw down for hotels and rental cars and they can still go but their team can't.

There's always next year Kansas but you guys will never have a better look at the championship or an easier look I should say. They certainly had the easiest road to the Final Four, look at the Southwest bracket, they had a cake walk so they choked. Did you see the Morris twins crying from Kansas, nothing worse then grown men crying, come on dudes man up, think about how much money you're going to be banking in the NBA draft errrr I mean maybe they'll come back another year for the title, or bank several million dollars...I love when they say this is a tough is? You can always go back to college, that's like having a winning lotto ticket and holding it for a year. Anyway, the Final Four begins Saturday 6pm Eastern with Kentucky v UConn...Butler v VCU at 8:45 Eastern...

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