Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Former Coach Calls Team "Stupid Brats"

Soccer's in the news again. Do you know what I've noticed? It's never me personally that discovers soccer news it's always my friend Jessica or my ex-girlfriend who adores soccer. Me on the other hand cannot stand soccer and I think it's stupid and I've said it on many occasions. I have nothing against the people involved, usually, but the sport itself doesn't make a lot of sense to me. My niece and nephew play it all the time in the park, my niece isn't into it that much anymore but my nephew worries me, when he's 7 I may have to step in and give him a basketball or football. Miriam and Julien will be mad because I have to talk about their team but as the Fresh Prince would say...ahhh well...

After choking at last year's World Cup, France's former coach Raymond Domenech is finally talking about what happened. Domenech labeled his players "stupid brats" and said they made their country a "laughingstock". France certainly didn't play well at all in last year's World Cup when they failed to score a goal in their first two matches. Then again it's hard to win a team event when your team hates your guts and are going on strike against training which is what happened last year when Domenech sent Nicholas Anelka home for insulting him. In an interview published in L'Express magazine he says, "They knew perfectly well what they were doing. They even closed the bus curtains to hide from the cameras. Looking back, I see them above all as a bunch of irresponsible, stupid brats."

The day of the strike hundreds of people who had gathered at the practice facility in the town of Krysna cheered for the French players as they stepped off the team bus. After quickly shaking hands and signing autographs, all of the players returned to the bus. "At that point, I'm telling myself that they've gone mad and they don't realize what they are doing," Domenech said. "Now I know I was wrong." 

Domenech then had to read a statement from the players that was written on a piece of paper to the press explaining why they weren't practicing. "We'd been there for more than an hour. Somebody had to take responsibility and stop this masquerade," Domenech said. "We were the laughingstock of the world, I said 'stop this I can't take anymore of it!" Domenech then said, "I'm not the moron that's been described. I still need to sweep away certain memories...It's like love: you need to forget a woman so that you can love another one. I've been offered things for the theater, for the cinema. Nothing on television. Honestly, can you imagine me in a reality TV show?" 

I can't explain it, I am not a fan at all yet some of my best blogs in terms of response, have been written about soccer. I mean what other sport do things like this happen? In previous years I've written about the riots at the games, people throwing fire on the field, people throwing urine on the field, people throwing blood on the field. Dudes wielding machetes at the games, players from this very French team I'm writing about today that were caught up in an underage sex scandal last year with a French prostitute. Check my blogs from last year for that one, but this team is a mess. At least the coach moved on, well sort of. Dude's currently coaching a children's soccer team in Western Paris.

I've heard of a coach losing his team but not like this. Imagine the Lakers refusing to get off their bus to play Boston or whoever. Phil Jackson is too creative to put up with that, he'd throw on some Tibetan chime music and light some incense and have dudes coming out of the windows. The French players were just going by that old rule that dads all over the world teach to their kids, you know, when the going gets tough...quit. When times are hard...give up. When things seem impossible...stop trying. Of course I'm being sarcastic but that's what they did, nevermind that though...did Domenech try to drop some Love knowledge on us? 

"You need to forget a woman so that you can love another one", What? lol I mean what does this have to do with your situation? And going by his analogy who is the woman? The France soccer team? and who is the other woman? A children's team in Western Paris? You know how ridiculous that sounds. That would be like the Superbowl champions the Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy leaving to coach a Pop Warner team in Wisconsin. Look on the bright side Dom, maybe you can land a job on another team before the 2014 World Cup that I won't watch.

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