Saturday, September 10, 2011

Team Fined For Fans Throwing Urine

The last three girls I dated had one thing in common, they all loved soccer and I hate soccer, go figure. Why I am attracted to these girls is obvious, I love outgoing women. The fact that they're all soccer fans is like a weird coincidence. My friend Nick says that maybe I'm a closet soccer fan which is ridiculous. There is not a chance in hell of me ever becoming a fan of soccer. On the website I received mail from an unnamed player for the L.A. Galaxy basically telling me how 'simple minded' I was and of all things it said I was 'naive'. Now you can speculate on who this person was, I don't care about who it was because it wasn't signed. 

However, since I received that email I started to clarify my opinion on soccer by saying that I have no problem with soccer players per se. It's just personally hard for me to get into a game where grown men are running around a field for 90 minutes with a grand finale of a Nil - Nil tie. How the hell does the overtime work in soccer, maybe one of my angry readers can explain that one to me. If your game clock doesn't stop for any reason do you actually need a game clock? 

Why not start the game at 1:00 pm and stop at 2:30? I go to get coffee every morning because my girlfriend won't make me any errrr I mean I prefer the taste of a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. If I have my laptop with me I bring it in but the last time I did that I couldn't get any work done because some morons were shouting and celebrating every five minutes as they were watching a soccer match. I looked up at the t.v. and I saw the score was 0 - 0 oh excuse me Nil - Nil. I'm like what the hell are they celebrating?

Someone explain to me how a player rolling around in agony like he snapped his leg and gets carried out on a stretcher can miraculously run back into the game five minutes later under his own power. While you're explaining that to me perhaps you can also explain how soccer fans can throw urine at another person? That's what happened in Berlin, Germany at a rival match between Cologne and Bundesliga. 

The German soccer federation has fined Team Cologne $14,000 for the actions of their fans at the August 13th game in which Cologne lost. The disgusting actions of the fans include filling plastic cups that are meant for beer and other beverages with urine and dropping the cups off a the balcony onto the lower section of the stadium filled with fans of the rival team. Cologne president Wolfgang Overath said the perpetrators, "Are not futbol fans and these people have no interest in sports. I don't understand how futbol (soccer) can be abused incomprehensible actions. It's up to the federation and the team to reflect on how things have come to such excesses." 

I don't want to say I rest my case but this sort of proves my point. I mean I don't think I have to be worried about getting hit with urine or excrement which by the way was also thrown at that game, I'm not even going there I mean people who throw excrement should be committed because clearly their minds are broken. But what other sport do fans act like this? I know here in America we have problems too but nothing like this. Blood bombs, urine bombs, excrement bombs, can you imagine getting hit with something like that, that's a legal reason to fight if you ask me, the police should just stand there like you got three minutes like a UFC round. 

Incredible right! I don't think that's happening at Yankee Stadium, or Staples center or at Thomas & Mack, well maybe a Raiders game, I'm not putting anything past Raider nation. I like when the Cologne team president says the perpetrators "have no interest in sports" of course not I mean they are soccer fans. Soccer fans have one interest in mind and we all know what that riot. You want to know how riots start, there you go, a couple of urine bombs and its on. So to my soccer fanatic emailers, stop feeding me this garbage about how it's about the passion when you and I both know its about the rioting.

Friday, August 26, 2011

NBA Star Loses Case Against 'Basketball Wives L.A.'

I was just going through some of my past blogs from my freshman year of college and I never published these blogs I just sent them to my friends who would give me feedback. "Man Sleeps On Roof, Need I Say More", "Girlfriend Shot By Boyfriend...sort of", and my favorite of all time "Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop", these blogs are all considered classics not only by me but my English professor at the Communications bldg Ms. Bonnar let me know. If you knew me back then and read my blogs, you'd know how I felt about a new phenomenon taking place in television called Reality TV.

I hate reality tv with a passion and I also hate the Writers Guild of America for creating this genre. COPS was the first reality show to air in 1989 when the Writers Guild went on strike and ever since we have been inundated with cops chasing criminals, who wants to marry a millionaire?, the bachelor and bachelorette, real world, road rules, the housewives of orange county near laguna hills adjacent to fontana near rancho cougar munga errrr well you get the point. My friend Jessica likes to critique everything so a heads up Jess, I spelled them all in lower case on purpose because I don't respect this kind of "programming".

Someone who shares my feelings about reality tv, specifically about 'Basketball Wives: Los Angeles' is Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas. If the original Basketball Wives filmed in Miami, Florida isn't big enough of a trainwreck for you, get ready for the L.A. version. Arenas lost Thursday in a California federal court. He was trying to block his former fiancee from appearing on the program and mentioning his name. Arenas and Laura Govan have four children together and he claimed his family life should not be aired on the program.

When asked why she ruled against him Judge Dolly Gee said, "Arenas suggests that any discussion of his family life is not sufficiently related to his celebrity to render 'BWLA's' use of his identity as a matter of public concern. This contention is belied by the tens of thousands of Twitter users who follow Arenas as he tweets about a variety of mundane occurances."

In other words, if dude wasn't running his mouth on Twitter, maybe he would've won. Incredible! Another athlete burned by social media. When will these guys learn? A month ago Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans f-bombed the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and mentioned his retirement on facebook only to take it all back when reports started popping up...allegedly! Kenny then went with the "my facebook account was hacked" defense, nice try dude.

Sadly it looks as if reality tv is here to stay I mean I thought it would fade away especially after such debacles as Man vs Beast and Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? Remember the dude lied to producers about being a millionaire and the girl whom he selected to marry didn't want to marry him but she went through with it and then they went on a honeymoon but she claimed it was more like a kidnapping. My favorite part was that she just wanted her life back as a nurse in California but for like two months she kept popping up on every Entertainment Tonight type of show...ok so I watched but it Was filmed in Las Vegas, it's not like I could get away from it if I wanted to.

Sorry for getting off the point, sad day for Gilbert Arenas, NBA lockout and now his ex is going to air all of his dirty laundry on tv. I'd like to thank my younger cousin Isabelle and her entire generation for continuing to watch this garbage. Still I'm proud to say I have never watched one episode of American Karaoke errrr I mean American Idol.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

University Of Miami's Decade Of Corruption

At this time I would like to give a shout out to my alma mater Niagara University. We have sports teams but we're not known for our sports we are known for our academia. That being said while I was attending we won the MAAC conference title in college basketball and made it into the NCAA Tournament and we even won a game which was huge for us. The bottom line is that I can honestly say that I'm proud of my school. Perhaps we didn't win the big championship trophies but we did it honestly. I should also give credit to UNLV where I am furthering my studies. Considering Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world this school is pretty honorable. 

Some news came out today about college football, specifically the University of Miami. Sure it's all over the news and all over social media, but I will give you the straight facts and of course my opinion but not until after I tell you what went down. The allegations that came out today are nothing short of incredible. Remember big blue the University of Michigan when they got caught and heads rolled, this is worse. Remember USC when Reggie Bush had to give back his Heisman Trophy and Heritage Hall erased all records of him and USC got stripped of their title, this is worse. Remember Ohio State where the players were receiving free tattoos and clothes and cars and women and the head coach lied about it and it cost his his job, this is worse.

Nevin Shapiro is a former Miami Hurricanes booster and today his eight years of NCAA rule breaking that benefited 72 college athletes were revealed. First of all it should be known that Shapiro is currently serving a 20 year prison sentence for his role in a $930 million ponzi scheme so dude had plenty of time to talk. Former hip hop star Luther Campbell aka Luke was a booster in 2001, 2002 and would do things like put cash bounties on opposing players, this practice was adopted by Nevin Shapiro. Shapiro became a booster in 2002 and would put bounties on Florida Gators QBs Tim Tebow and he had a three year standing $5000 bounty on Chris Rix for any player who could knock him out of the game.

Shapiro blatantly broke NCAA rules with at least six named coaches, Clint Hurtt, Jeff Stoutland, and Aubrey Hill on the football staff and Frank Haith, Jake Morton, and Jorge Fernandez on the basketball staff. Shapiro named 39 Miami players who he says received prostitution he paid for. The names were not revealed but two players did confirm that the booster paid for them while they were Hurricanes. I told you about the cash he would hand the players, the bounties on opposing players, the private tournaments for cash.

Shapiro spent tens of thousands of dollars on jewelery for Miami players and to recruit players to his Axcess Sports agency. He bought expensive watches for Tavares Gooden and Antrel Rolle and diamond studded dog tags for Sean Taylor and an engagement ring for Devin Hester. The players reportedly had free use of his mansion and his yacht. He spent $84,000 on strip clubs for the players. He paid for meals, entertainment, lodging, and even an abortion.

The player's name is withheld but Shapiro took him to the Pink Pony strip club and paid a dancer to engage in sex with the athlete. In the ensuing weeks the dancer called one of Shapiro's security providers and informed him that she was pregnant. Shapiro gave the dancer $500 for an abortion without notifying the player of the incident. 

Wow! Well where do I start? I'm not even going to attempt to count the violations it's almost impossible. One dude, eight years, look at how much damage he caused. And you're kidding yourself if you think this isn't happening at other schools, they just haven't been caught yet. 72 players in all were in direct violation and some of the players still go to the University, well for now they do. 39 players got with skanks errrr I mean pros? Dude was handing out cash like an atm. Then again what does he care, it wasn't his anyway remember he was running a ponzi scheme, Bernie Madoff is shaking his head.

I wonder if Devin Hester's wife knows her wedding ring is hot...allegedly. All of this corruption and of course the next question is where's the AD? Where's the Athletic Director? You know that's more than a title right? It comes with responsibilities, namely not letting something like this happen. As for the abortion I don't know what to say, I would be disgusted but sadly nothing shocks me anymore. Still Shapiro could've let dude know he was a father instead of paying some hush money for an abortion without ever telling him. I love Shapiro's quote, "I was doing him a favor, that idiot might have wanted to keep the baby." Unbelievable, stay classy Nevin. 

Sad day for the U, sad day for Miami, who am I kidding, they don't care not until the NCAA slaps them on the wrist errrrrr I mean levels sanctions and penalties on the school. How do you handle this? What a year, NFL lockout, NBA lockout, college football scandals, NBA season cancelled oh yeah it's gonna happen, by the way it's only August.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Olympic Ski Team Member Urinates On Girl

Dudes! and Ladies, what is up! How have you guys been, I'm not even going to ask if you missed me or not because I know the answer is yes judging by the amount of hate mail errrrr I mean emails in my inbox. Let me ask you guys something, could the NBA pick a worse time for a lockout? Yesterday we witnessed the biggest proof that in America it is the NFL and everything else. Dallas beating Denver in a thriller 24 - 23, uh you guys do know that this is the preseason right? These games don't count, that's why you keep your starters benched and send out your scrubs errrr I mean second string guys who are trying not to get cut.

Either New England didn't care that it was a preseason game or the Jaguars are really that bad of a team to get hammered by 35 points. New England head coach the hoodie, still looked pissed after the game, you'd think they lost. The Eagles beat the Ravens 13 - 6 and trust me it was never that close. In this case the scoreboard lies because Michael Vick was scorching guys. Seattle beats San Diego 24 -17 and yes I know it's just preseason but this wouldn't surprise me in a regular season game. Has there ever been a team with that much talent looking so badly, well besides last year's Dallas Cowboys? oh and I can't forget Raider Nation losing to the Arizona Cardinals 24 - 18 but did you see those goofballs wearing Cardinals gear? You do realize you're in Raider Nation right, ask Charger fan what it feels like to disrespect the nation.

I'm glad football is back, wouldn't feel right without it but something is knocking the NFL preseason right off the front pages and it involves an Olympic Skier, and 11 year old girl, and urination. Robert Vietze of Warren, Vermont, is one of the top skiers in the country. So it was no shock that he was nominated to the U.S. Development Alpine Ski Team. Dude is 18 so he must've had a pretty good fake i.d. to get wasted in the airport bar. He reportedly had eight drinks before his red eye flight from Portland, Oregon to NYC. During the flight dude had to relieve himself but he doesn't go to the bathroom, no dude urinates on an 11 year old girl who was nearby!

I have been writing blogs since college well really high school but back then I had like 2 loyal readers. But this is not only shocking and disgusting but it makes you wonder what the hell dude was thinking. Look, we've all been drunk before, how drunk do you have to be to confuse a passenger for a toilet? Maybe he didn't, maybe he just didn't give a damn. Some reports say the bathroom was occupied but instead of waiting like a human being he decides to go family pet on a little girl? Oh and the girl's father attacked this guy and rightfully so. I normally don't advocate violence but this one falls under the category of fight now ask questions later. I mean I cannot believe this actually happened. Uh needless to say he won't be representing the U.S. in the Olympics, they got rid of him quickly.

"Based on the information we have, Sandy (Robert) Vietze is in violation of the USSA code of conduct and team agreement, and has been dismissed from the team", said Luke Bodensteiner, the executive vice president of athletics for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association. Really Luke? Peeing on a girl is a violation? I would hope so, this doesn't go far enough I mean it is insane what he did. There is no level of being drunk to excuse this, he should be barred from Skiing forever, he should be barred from Earth. Such a bad guy, and dude is 18 good luck with that, you will go down in infamy with all the other sad and disgusting things some athletes have done in the past. Somehow urinating on a minor is a misdemeanor which is ridiculous, it carries a fine and a year in jail max.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers' Linebacker Blows Up NFL Commissioner

He's Baaaaacccckkkk! What is up? I missed you guys, well the ones that comment on the main website. I missed all the smack talk good and bad I have to be honest. I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant 4th of July holiday. I found out a lot about myself during this past holiday, namely that I am a media junkie. Maria wouldn't let me bring my laptop but thank God for smart phones. I was like that e-trade baby on that commercial. Each time she caught me looking at my phone she would roll her eyes or get upset with me and all I could think of was all of the great news I was missing.

I had fun though hanging out with the relatives for family reunion and well lets just say that once a year is enough of seeing them but I love them. I forgot how small Connecticut was, I mean I'm used to Nevada and Las Vegas so I'm jaded I guess but you can drive though the state in like an hour and a half. My favorite experience was that I had to cash one of my checks there...I don't get direct deposit and I wish they'd stop trying to convince me...but yeah nothing like a teller hitting on you. She's like you work for Fox? What do you do? and I'm like radio and she's like DJ? hip hop? and I'm like no AM radio sports you know and she didn't lol Like most women I mean there's some female listeners I'm sure but lets face it, there's like 98% dudes listening. How disappointing ladies step your game up we need you.

Speaking of Fox, the boss is in trouble, I mean the big boss Rupert Murdoch...well I will wait to see what happens, I mean I was told that I shouldn't even blog about it, someone may run with whatever I say.

Sort of like what happened to Pittsburgh Steelers' linebacker James Harrison. In the upcoming August issue of Men's Journal, James Harrison blows up the NFL Commissioner. It's no secret how Harrison feels about the league after he became one of the most fined athlete's in the NFL for his violent tackles. Last year he was fined $100,000 for hits that were deemed too violent for the league. Well he was quoted as saying, "If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out , I wouldn't do it. I hate him and would never respect him." Harrison was referring to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Harrison also refers to Goodell as an anti-Gay slur, "stupid", "puppet", and a "dictator". Harrison also said he would've whispered in Goodell's ear, "Why don't you quit and do something else, like start your own league in flag football" had the Steelers defeated the Green Bay Packers in the Superbowl.

Harrison wasn't done, he also goes after teammates Rashard Mendenhall and Ben Roethlisberger. He calls Mendenhall a "fumble machine" and as for Roethlisberger he says, "Hey at least throw a pick on their side of the field instead of asking the D to bail you out again. Or hand the ball off and stop trying to act like Peyton Manning. You ain't that and you know it, man; you just get paid like he does."

Wow! Well first of all I would like to look at the positive side and that would be that James Harrison honestly spoke about how he feels on a number of issues and that's all a report wants is an honest answer. That being said, I will start with his team. you realized what you've just done? You threw your quarterback and running back under the bus...well more like under a train. That's like walking into the locker room with a grenade and pulling the pin. That should go over well in Pittsburgh.

Now for the Commissioner, say what you will about him. He's made changes to the game that fans hate but most of the younger fans don't know about former commissioner Paul Tagliabue's changes and we were just getting used to those. Most people would celebrate if their boss was on fire but how many people would say it? "If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out I wouldn't do it"? Wow! James how do you really feel? Incredible! Then he calls him an anti-Gay slur among other things and wants him to start his own league in flag football? James dude, you think you got fined last season, you might as well hand over your checkbook to the league.

This is incredible! If you said this to your boss they would show you the door. I mean he had to know this was on the record right? This is unprecedented, I mean it'll be interesting to see how the league handles this. I think dudes gets suspended games for this, maybe the entire season, that's happened before. Probably not what you want to do coming off of a lockout situation. Remember, NFL players only get paid during the 17 week regular season, so if your team missed the playoffs, those guys haven't gotten paid this year. Harrison's made a lot of money in his career but I don't know if you want to throw away of season of paychecks especially coming off of the lockout. Cecil Fielder thinks this guy throws his money away.

Steelers' President Art Rooney II said, "We will discuss the situation at the appropriate time, when permitted once the labor situation is resolved." In other words, we will suspend Harrison as soon as we can and hopefully the team won't get penalized for his mouth. I know one thing, they need to get this lockout over and get to training camps asap because players + too much free time = jail usually. Hines Ward another Steelers veteran got busted for DUI. He also won Dancing with the Stars this year...if ever there was a trophy you'd want to hide from public view if you're a world class football player, that thing is made for the garage...congrats for winning I guess.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

'To Catch A Predator' Host Caught Cheating

Well we've officially reached the middle of 2011 and by the looks of the various sports reporting outlets, the rest of the year looks grim for sports fans. The NFL has gone over 100 days without being able to reach an agreement to end the lockout. Players and Owners have met for four straight days including today and nothing. In Layman's terms...the players thought that they cleared one hurdle by getting the owners to accept the fact that the players would get 48% of all revenue in a simplified formula. However, the owners presented the players with a new formula asking for $400 - $500 million off the top which was their previous offer and that would leave the players with 45% which the players say is "totally unacceptable".

$9.3 Billion these guys make annually and they can't figure it out...looks like no football for awhile.

The NBA is about to go down the same road. "It's obvious the lockout will happen tonight" according to Billy Hunter the Union Chief of the NBA. The NBA is even further apart then the NFL is in terms of what the owners want in the long term and what the players want. Looks like no basketball for awhile.

Oh yeah and the Dodgers, my God my father's team, well they filed for bankruptcy protection. My old man looked like he wanted to jump off the Stratosphere hotel. You are the freaking Dodgers you can't be filing for bankruptcy! This is one of the most storied franchises in all of sports, the home of Jackie Robinson, Tommy Lasorda, and they're broke? In case you didn't know there are tons of So Cal fans in the Las Vegas area and with USC being ineligible for awhile and the Lakers getting swept and now the Dodgers bouncing checks...what the hell is going on L.A.?

Like I said the rest of 2011 looks bleak and nothing shocked me more than reading the headline that the Los Angeles Dodgers filed for bankruptcy...well until Chris Hansen decided to cheat on his wife. Now first of all let me preface this by saying that what he did is not illegal although his wife may want to kill him. Chris Hansen you may know him as the host of the very popular Dateline NBC show 'To Catch A Predator' where he's seen talking junk to perverts and molesters who prey on children. Now if your job is to be the face of morality in such a dark environment wouldn't you think that you'd be moral.

I mean we've all seen the show and I would describe it as a trainwreck because I honestly couldn't look away. People from respectable fields of work driving hundreds of miles all to be taken down by law enforcement thank goodness but not before Hansen runs his smack talk like a WWE professional. Dude hits the predators with "do you want to finish your cookie?", "what are you doing here?" Like we don't all know. Oh and of course "did you bring condoms?" Technically his wife could hit him with his own questions couldn't she? And dude is red handed too I mean there's video and there's no denying it dude just own it.

Hansen is 51 and his mistress whose face is now all over the internet is 30. Certainly not as bad as Hugh Hefner with his 18 year old girlfriends who "honestly love him" yeah either him or the mansion. The mistress actually resembles the wife. Look, we're all human and we all have temptations. I know guys in their 40's and 50's married to 20 year olds and one of my associates is dating an 18 year old. Personally I wouldn't I mean where's he going to take her to the prom? Been there done that on to the next one as Jay-Z says. Bottomline, the world is going nuts and I don't know who to trust anymore. Thank God for vacation right? Have a Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bruins Celebrate Stanley Cup Win With $157,000 Bar Tab

Greetings! To everyone who reads this blog on please keep your comments clean and most importantly "step your game up"...Floyd Mayweather should've trademarked that. First of all, I admire athletes, I respect what they do. I also respect their talent which is why I love sports so much. I knew sports was a huge part of my life and I knew somehow I had to find a way to make a living at it. Thank God sports reporting was invented because I admit it I am terrible at sports except badminton and golf believe it or not I'm pretty good. Now that being said, there are a lot of things out there that can hurt athletes and may even end his or her career. Drugs, alcohol, violence, injuries, twitter and facebook.

For some reason athletes and social media don't mix. For some reason athletes think that when they tweet or when they post something on facebook, it's only their select group of friends who will see it. Unfortunately things can be retweeted and re-posted and when that happens the media gets it and then it's out there forever.

Apparently Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt didn't get the memo. Dude's facebook page is now private or maybe even taken down at this point but not before these three quotes where taken...

"Retiring from the NFL. F*** You Goddell."

"Change of HEart.. My family is always here for me. I made mistakes and i am sorry i am going to change and become a better person and mentor for all my young fans.. I will accept any penalty like a man.. The road beings Sept 11 in Jacksonville.. ill be ready!!!"

"my facebook was hacked with those past two status's.. i am not retiring and do not have any hate toward the commissioner."

Hey Kenny...uh oh! Nice try with the my facebook account was hacked defense. That worked really well for that congressman. I love how he spells the NFL Commissioner's name wrong...allegedly. Goddell? Do you mean Goodell? Dude's name is emblazoned onto every football in the league. Now I don't know if his account was hacked or not but looking at the first two quotes and then looking at the third quote which he admits writing, I see a lot of similarities in the way they are written. Maybe dude is tired of the NFL lockout and started F bombing the commissioner and then had a change of heart...probably errrr I mean allegedly. I don't think the commissioner will hold a grudge Kenny but just in case get your checkbook ready.

Speaking of checkbooks, I wonder who had the pleasure of scratching that $157,000 check to pay the bar tab for the Boston Bruins celebration. Granted, the Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy to win in all of sports in terms of games needed to win it all in the NHL. So I guess winning the Stanley Cup means partying the hardest right Bruins? I'm looking at the bar receipt and yes I'll post it here but I wonder how many beers do you have to drink to pay $7460.00 in tax? How much liquor do you have to slam to incur $24,870 in service charges? Actually, the bill would've totaled about $50,000 if it weren't for that 1 bottle of Ace Midas that costs $100,000! These guys spent $100 grrrrr on a bottle of wine!

Personally, I wouldn't do it but if I had a $100,000 bottle of wine I'd be looking to sell it to Steve Wynn or maybe use it as a down payment on an estate. I love the 136 Bud Lights, I mean they had to be buying for the bar...I don't think Tim Thomas and company and throwing back that much beer and living. That must of been one hell of a night. Well, I have to be at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut July 4th weekend for business but now I have to make my way over to Foxwoods to see what a $100,000 bottle of wine looks like. The Bruins that were in attendance signed the bottle of Ace Midas and it is on display at High Rollers in Foxwoods. They will raffle the bottle off later to benefit the Bruins foundation so that's a good thing.

Still that number jumps out at you it's amazing. $157,000.00? Pac Man Jones spending $80,000 at a strip club thinks that was excessive...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Auburn Assistant 'Chest Bumps' President Obama

The NBA Finals are finally over, congratulations to the 2011 NBA Champions the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs are sort of a 'Bad News Bears' of the NBA meaning the team was full of great players who had achieved success and respect in the league but just couldn't get that championship ring until now. I honestly didn't care who won I don't root for teams, well not until my ex called me from Florida talking smack about Miami and I'm like Vegas doesn't even have a team so I cheered Dallas you know gotta represent the West and I'm not saying they won the championship because of me but basically they won the championship because of me. Shout out to Mark Cuban, I'll be expecting some Dallas championship gear in my inbox at work, send it c/o Delon G.

The Miami Heat have been taking lots of heat since their Wrestlemania entrance announcing the big three last July. I actually feel bad for these guys especially Lebron, dude has been criticized like no athlete I can remember. To me Lebron didn't do anything wrong, his contract was up after seven years in Cleveland so he could go wherever he wanted. But dude had a triple double and still took fire, that's when I said this is crazy. Just because the Heat turned into the Washington Generals in the fourth quarter doesn't mean you should keep bashing this guy. That's why I was happy to see him lash out at his critics and fans after the Game 6 loss. Lebron said, "All the people that were rooting for me to fail, at the end of the day, tomorrow they have to wake up and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They got the same personal problems they had today. And I'm going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things I want to do."

Maria and I were having lunch at Emeril's when Jessica found us errrrr I mean happened to be walking by and Jess was like 'that's so mean I can't believe he said that' referring to Lebron's statement. I'm like hey, the guy has had enough. If you were getting bashed everyday wherever you go eventually enough is enough I mean's he's human even if he is the "chosen one". My only problem is that Lebron only targeted the poor fans when there's plenty of rich people also celebrating his loss. Off the top of my head I know one rich guy popping champagne like Lil Wayne and it's Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. The Heatles will be back, don't know about the head coach though...that's the kind of league it is today, you can take a team to the NBA Finals and be looking for work by summer.

Well the NBA is done for a while and college football has been staying relevant in the news with the various dui's and arrest that happen to all athletes lets be fair. But something that has never happened in the history of America took place last Wednesday and somehow I missed it. A co-worker told me she heard about it on one of the sports radio programs and I did some research and couldn't believe it. I certainly didn't believe it was possible especially this day and age. Auburn Assistant Trooper Taylor will go down in the record books. He will be a question on Jeopardy. He is the only person in history to have 'chest bumped' a sitting President of the United States of America!

On Wednesday during the President's annual visit with the defending BCS Champions, the President and Auburn Assistant Trooper Taylor are seen chest bumping with several stunned players in the background and several pissed secret service officials looking on. I saw the video on youtube and it happened there's no denying it. Like the Boston Celtics guard Delonte West would say "How playa is that man?" I know President Obama wants to be a regular man of the people and that he's not a luxury suite guy, he's more of a sit front row at a Wizards game with the regular people...well $2000 per seat regular people, kind of guy. But this can't happen I mean you are the most powerful man in the world.

I don't think George Bush was chest bumping the Texas Rangers. I don't think Bill Clinton was chest bumping the Arkansas Razorbacks. You know Reagan wasn't down with chest bumps. Lincoln on the other hand looked like he would be down or Patton or Truman. You can't be giving out chest bumps as the Commander and Chief you just can't. Not only did the President do it, it looks like he initiated it. What's next Hillary Clinton hitting the Women's College World Series champs with a gatorade shower? Sarah Palin headbutting the women's soccer players? For God's sake keep the political world and the sports world separate, it's too freaking weird.

Friday, June 3, 2011

One Of The Biggest Coverups In College Football History

Is it really June? Seems like I was slamming a Corona watching the New Year's Eve ball drop like a week ago, damn this year's flying. Well this means I am three months away from my Mexican Cruise and like Bart Scott would say I "Can't Wait". Last time there some girls I know wanted to get off the boat at one of the ports and "explore" and shop and I go are you insane? This year may be different especially if my best friend Jessica brings her Khloe and Lamar dvds, I hope she's joking.

Speaking of basketball, the NBA Finals are going on and I may be a little more excited if they didn't drag this thing out more than that have to. I watched Game 1 and I listened to all the so called experts. 'It's Miami's time, these guys don't lose at home, they've found their groove'. I watched Game 2 where the Heat dominated much of the game building a double digit lead only to blow it in the final 7 minutes. Once again coming from ahead to lose in spectacular fashion...again! Now they're headed to Dallas for the next three games, Heat fans say it with me...uh oh!

June also means the Scripps spelling bee. The showcase of little freaks errrr I mean talented youth who can spell words that you and I and 99% of the world will never use in a sentence. Well congrats to 14 year old Sukanya Roy for correctly spelling "Cymotrichous" which means "wavy hair", to win this year's spelling bee. Oh and Shaq retired? Seems weird, this guy's been playing longer than I've been alive...well it seems that way at least. Good luck Shaq, maybe you and Steven Seagal can team up in SWAT or something.

I actually have an update of sorts to the whole Ohio State University debacle playing out right before our eyes. You know, my friends are weird, they write my personal email address asking if I have any thoughts on the downfall of The Ohio State when the truth is I've already written three blogs about the subject. find me there dudes it isn't hard, it's where I have the most readers so it's where I write the most. But the scope of the cover up is immense. By now you all know about former head coach Jim Tressel getting fired errrr I mean resigning before he could be fired, now the spotlight is on QB Terrelle Pryor rolling around in new vehicles with a suspended license...allegedly.

I should say those claims have been disputed, the eight or ten or twelve cars dude was rolling in were said to be "loaner cars" from a dealership that was working on his personal car. His lawyer also says his license has been reinstated. I don't see why everyone was so shocked, just because the head coach knew about the free tattoos and the weed, and the women, and the cars, and not only did Tressel look the other way, he also lied to the NCAA. There's having your player's backs and then there's this and it cost him his job. People in Ohio also want the Athletic Director's Gene Smith's head but President Gordan Gee said that Smith's job is safe.

This blog isn't about Pryor, Smith, or Tressel, it is about junior linebacker Storm Klein. His father is out to defend his son by seeking a lawsuit against the NCAA and Sports Illustrated who broke the story about what's really been going on at The U. Jason Klein said, "I have raised my son right. Storm has no tattoos on his body whatsoever. He doesn't have a drug problem, and multiple tests prove that. I have every single bit of his Ohio State memorabilia in my possession. I will be meeting with attorneys shortly to pursue action against the NCAA and Sports Illustrated. That's all I have to say at this time." Storm Klein was listed as one of the players that sold personal items for tattoos or money.

I listened to the Dan Patrick show where Sports Illustrated writer George Dorhmann and Dorhmann implied there was more to come regarding Ohio State and cover ups. He also admitted he received a lot of his information from drug dealers who would hangout with players off campus. I'm trying to wait it out, I don't want to do 100 blogs on the same subject, I'm not a reporter anymore thank God, I don't have a deadline to meet so I'll wait and see how it plays out. Ohio State has certainly been tarnished, I mean this is worse than the Reggie Bush/USC scandal. What's crazy about that is if Reggie had re-payed those shady guys he took money from, he'd still have his Heisman Trophy and he'd still be prominently displayed in Heritage Hall. Unfortunately, I have a feeling I will be writing about Ohio State again in the coming days and it doesn't look good.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nascar Driver Caught Going 83mph Over Speed Limit

This has been a fascinating week of sports and a co-worker today who I didn't even knew read my blogs asked me how I come up with the ideas. First of all everything I write about is actual news I mean it really happened it's not like I'm writing fiction. That being said, I go to the Aria sportsbook and I watch and observe the various sporting events, the human interaction, the couple celebrating a win, and of course the people betting the mortgages looking like they're on death row after the game...did I mention I don't bet?

Last week I wrote a blog about Charles Oakley's troubles with the Aria Resort and don't think that I haven't been trying to find out more info from the employees who I know, but it's no surprise they're kept in the dark, some of them didn't even know it happened...allegedly. It's easy to talk NBA with the Dallas Mavericks starters Larry Bird and Bill Russell errrrr I mean, Dirk is playing out of his mind isn't he? And when Miami decides to play defense they're unstoppable especially since the return of Udonis Haslem. Looks like a repeat of the 2006 NBA Finals.

Or I could go NHL with a Canadian team actually playing for the Stanley Cup which always turns heads because of the chance to bring the cup back to Canada. I have many Canadian friends because I went to college right at the border, shout out to Niagara University, yeah apparently this is important to them. Vancouver is awaiting the Tampa Bay vs Boston winner, of course I want Tampa to win just for the 3300 mile trips these guys will have to log to play each other, gotta be some kind of distance record.

Then of course there's Nascar drive Kyle Busch going Fast and Furious in a residential area. According to deputies in North Carolina, Busch was clocked going 128 miles per hour in a 45mph zone. "I was test driving a new sports car and I got carried away. I went beyond the speed I should have been going on a public road. I apologize to the public, my fans, sponsors, and race teams for my lack of judgement. I take responsibility for my actions, and I can assure you that something like this will never happen again", Busch said.

Dude was going 128! In a 45mph zone no less, I mean this is incredible. Tyreke Evans thinks he was going too fast. Good thing he didn't go through any school zones, can you imagine? There is a chance he could lose his drivers license. I want to hear his excuse to the judge, that's what I'm waiting for. I can hear the judge's first question...are you insane? One thing about Nascar fans, they will defend their guy, as soon as I post any blog about Nascar on I start to receive hate mail errrr I mean comments and I say bring it because you can't defend this.

Before I get your "at least he's owning it" comments to that I say no he isn't. He's taking responsibility because he got caught but owning it and being responsible would be to drive like you and I drive everyday, legally. I love when he says I was test driving and I got carried away. What were you test driving at those speeds a Gulfstream private jet? I don't know what's more ridiculous, the fact that a Nascar driver can potentially lose his license or the fact that to drive in Nascar no drivers license is necessary. Oh and I saw Chris Rock, you know how weird that is to see a celebrity just walk by? He looked lost lol I don't see celebrities everyday so when I do see one I'm going to name drop, CR's the best.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Former NBA Player Suing Las Vegas Resort

Charles Oakley is a former NBA power forward. He has played for Chicago, New York, Toronto, Washington, and Houston. Dude is 6 foot 9, 245 pounds, so I was a little surprised to hear he was involved in a "gang style beat down" with some security guards. According to reports, Oakley was an invited guest at Aria's VIP pool area on May 28, 2010. The problem started when he left the area and tried to re-enter the pool area and was stopped by security guards and other staff.

Oakley was trying to return to his room after a verbal altercation with officers when he claims that he was assaulted by them in a secluded area of the resort according to a lawsuit filed Thursday in Clark County District Court. Oakley alleges that officers wrestled him to the ground and punched and handcuffed him and that he was taken to the hospital with neck, back, head, and wrist injuries, all or some of which may be permanent and disabling.

The former NBA star and current assistant coach of the Charlotte Bobcats alleges negligence, assault, assault with excessive force, battery, false imprisonment, and defamation. The damages he's seeking were unspecified.

Now as a resident of Las Vegas and as someone who literally hangs out at the Aria with friends, you may say oh he's being biased but I assure I will be fair. Look, Aria is a huge place, the whole complex is enormous and any resort or building as big as the Aria is going to have secluded areas. Now we've all heard about the "dark rooms" you know, the special places where there are no cameras rolling and it's just your word against the other guy's.

I have never seen such a room so I don't know if it's true but the rumors are out there so who knows. What I do know is that the things Oakley alleges sound like the movie "Casino" where Robert DeNiro ran the place with an iron fist. They may not have offered Oakley the "hammer and the money or walk away empty handed but healthy" but sounds like they did everything else to him, allegedly.

Look, I don't go by the pool area and all that, I'm just interested in the sports betting area and the free drinks errrrr uhhh I mean reduced drinks lol Shout out to Teagan, hey she invites us we're not paying lol Oak is bringing some serious charges against Aria, negligence, battery, assault, false imprisonment? I'm trying to reserve judgement but security guards do take their jobs a little too seriously. It's like my boy Floyd Mayweather catching grief on his own street because some dork errrrr I mean guard didn't like the way he parked his cars...on his property by the way! Another day in paradise Floyd.

So I'll follow this one closely to see if Oak has a good case, I think he does I mean look at the charges, Tony Soprano thinks the guards were excessive. And remember he was an invited guest! Come on Aria, you can't go beating down your guest allegedly. MGM Resorts International, the company that owns and operates Aria isn't talking so I don't know their side yet, I just hope Teag's doesn't read this lol My blog, my opinions still I go to Aria to relax not to get beat down allegedly...I just hope they comment soon because it doesn't look good.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

$500,000 Donated By SEC To Help Tornado Victims

With the advent of the 2011-12 college football season and all of the ongoing scandals, I thought it would be nice to do a report on something positive that has happened. There are so many negative things happening in sports that writing blogs about them has become too easy and for me that's never good because if you don't put any effort into a report it usually sucks. That being said, I have written about the Ohio State players accepting offers and their head coach lying to investigators...not alleged by the way, these things really happened.

I have written about the Fiesta Bowl turning into Enron errrrr I mean basically getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar, apparently it's illegal to use the bowl's money as your own personal piggy bank...allegedly. Yeah they're in hot water and might even get their bowl status ripped. Guess the BCS doesn't like being lied to.

The Southeastern Conference of college football has donated $500,000 to the University of Alabama. A record breaking 312 tornadoes were recorded in one day from a severe storm system that passed over the area. The tornadoes that hit Alabama caused more than $2 billion in damage resulting in the state being declared a category one natural disaster by federal authorities.

Dr. Bernie Machen, President of the University of Florida and the Southeastern Conference said, "Our hearts go out to all the victims of these recent tornadoes but especially to our academic colleagues and their students. While we compete fiercely in athletics we also support each other fiercely in times of need. The efforts of the conference and our institutions will help alleviate the effects of this devastating catastrophe." According to reports 328 people died with 236 in the state of Alabama.

I agree 100% with Dr. Machen, as a huge sports fan I admit I don't watch the news at all, my life is sports and even with the hundreds of channels I receive through my dish, half of them are news by the way, I still overlook the news because I don't care enough to watch. Unless downtown Vegas is on fire or something is effecting my immediate neighborhood I don't watch. However, I agree with the doctor when it comes to supporting each other in times of need.

If you ask me the best game last year in college football was Cam Newton leading Auburn into Alabama, into hostile territory and walking out with a win and eventually Auburn won the National Title. But Alabama fans were so upset that one of them actually went to the campus of Auburn and killed some of the trees. Sure it's just a game but for many of us the game is an escape which is why fans are so passionate about their teams. That's why its so cool that these guys are helping each other. Any time you can put differences aside for the greater good I respect's game!