Monday, December 6, 2010

Nascar Driver Suing The Makers Of "Extenze"

I started writing blogs back in college and for the first time I am doing back to back Nascar reports. I don't blog everyday because there's simply no time I am a busy man especially this month I have to travel twice. Atlantic City for poker wish me luck, and ending 2010 in Honolulu, Hawaii. That will be sweet, looking forward to visiting paradise again. Makes you wonder what the hell the NFL was thinking moving the Pro Bowl to Miami before coming to their senses and moving it back to Honolulu for 2011. 

My last blog I was talking about Bobby Hamilton Jr. busting caps and getting away with it. This time another Nascar driver is suing an erectile dysfunction company. Classic! You can't make this stuff up. Now do you see why I had to write about this, nevermind Cam Newton running away with the Heisman Trophy in college football, well he should anyway. Nevermind Ben Roethlisberger's nose getting broken in the first quarter of the Royal Rumble errrr I mean Pittsburgh/Ravens game. Dude came back out and ran it down Baltimore's throat in their house, man's game. I don't even care about tonight's game between New England and the NY Jets, not when Nascar, lawsuit, and Extenze are in the same sentence.

Nascar driver Robby Gordon claims he was stiffed, o.k. poor choice of words, by Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc. the makers of the "male enhancement" drug Extenze. Gordon claims he was to receive payment for putting the Extenze logo on one of his cars driven by Kevin Conway at Nascar events in October and November. Apparently, Kevin was in danger of falling out of the top 35 so Gordon asked Extenze if he could drive the car instead. Gordon says the Extenze people agreed to the deal so he made the switch. After the races Extenze refused to pay citing breach of contract. So Gordon filed a lawsuit today seeking $690,000.

I think its kind of ironic that Kevin Conway started under performing After they put the Extenze logo on his race car. I don't know all of the details about the previous agreement I am just commenting on the lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles county, but if Gordon has the change of driver in writing then he should win his case. Funny thing as I am writing this that a commercial comes on for one of Extenze's competitors, you know the commercial with grandma and grandpa in the bathtub sitting outside watching the sunset. Is it me or are these commercials stupid? The scenarios certainly are stupid, they'll be doing laundry and the moment happens or cutting the grass or baking a cake. My favorite is the one where they are by the fireplace getting close and the front door just flies open and its the relatives yay! That's when they say, don't worry you've got four hours...4 hours! My God, I don't enjoy anything that much lol And how the hell do you try to go on with a normal day walking around like that for four hours? You can't leave your house lol 

The commercial says if an erection last 4 hours consult a physician. I don't know what's worse, that you have to tell someone about your "condition" or that you have to wait 4 hours first. Too much, you knew I was going to have fun with this one. Oh and they never play these commercials at the worst times. I was at my friend Alex' house and he's married now but his girlfriend at the time Lunden was there with her mom and we were all on the couch and Alex goes to get a drink for us and suddenly on the TV...."when the mood is right"... and I'm like Noooooooo! Because I became the spokesman for all men. Lunden and her mom were hitting me with, do men really take that, does it work? I'm like I don't know, I don't wanna know, I also don't care. Let me stop I may need it like 40 years from now, either then or never.

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