Friday, November 12, 2010

Vegas Suspends College FB Game After Controversy

These days everyone's a reporter. Information is available immediately and the morning paper on your doorstep is old news by the time you read it. There's also more social networks and ways to get information out there and this can be a dangerous thing in the sense that, the reports coming out are presented as news but this "news" can be and often is false or not completely accurate. I work in radio and the news you hear from us about sports I can assure you is thoroughly checked and our sources are verified repeatedly. The problem is that anyone can report "news" and now you have actual journalist taking these rumors and running with the story and when it's false, there's no accountability. 

A perfect example of this is the story that is the subject of much debate for the past couple of weeks. I am talking about Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. Newton is arguably the most talented player in college football today and he has Auburn on their way to play for the National Championship. This talent is the reason Newton was recruited by several college football programs including Mississippi State and Florida. It has been reported that Newton's dream was to go to Mississippi State but ended up at Auburn because that's where his dad wanted him to go. Then a report came out in which Cam Newton was interviewed and said of why he decided on Auburn instead of Mississippi State, "The money was too much"...allegedly. 

This all started when in an interview with KESN's Kenny Rogers, a former Mississippi State football player, Cam's father Cecil Newton Sr. said it would cost a school "anywhere between $100,000 and $180,000" for a school to sign his son. The NCAA's rules says that any collegiate athlete accepting money would be deemed as a professional and therefore ineligible to participate in any college sports. Cam has started all year for Auburn and is the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy. If these reports are true, not only will he be banned from any further games but Auburn will be hit with severe penalties. Ask USC and Reggie Bush what that's like, Heritage Hall has no record of Reggie Bush at all it's like the guy never played there.

Las Vegas has a connection to the Cam Newton story because the game between Auburn and Georgia on Saturday, November 13th at 3:30est., opened as a 9 point favorite meaning Auburn was favored by 9 points over Georgia. Well yesterday morning, the line moved to 8.5 and then 8 points in a matter of hours and when that happens it means hundreds of thousands of dollars are being bet on the underdog Georgia and so many of the local sports books took the Auburn vs Georgia game off the boards to protect themselves from huge payouts. All of this was based on a false report on twitter which made bettors react and eventually made sports books react. The game has returned to the boards as of this post but that's what I mean by false reports that everyone listen to. 

Cam Newton is such a great quarterback and there is so much difference between him and his back up quarterback Barrett Trotter, that the mere mention that Trotter would start the game instead of Cam closed betting on that game in at least ten local sports books and I was at one of those establishments when the game was taken down and let me tell you how surreal it is to see the number 2 team in the country off the boards because the NCAA is investigating the starting quarterback and no one knows if they will suspend him before the game or at all. This story is ongoing and no one knows what will happen but the school, Auburn, went from calling these claims against Cam "Garbage", and saying that they shouldn't have to respond to this nonsense to their last official comment as of this morning..."No Comment"...uh oh!

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