Monday, November 1, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Waive Randy Moss

We are in week 8 of the NFL season and this has already been the craziest year I can remember. From a Dallas team that spent the past few years hyping the fact that they were awarded a Superbowl only to start the season 1 - 6. The good news Cowboys fan is that the Superbowl still will be held in Dallas, the bad news is it looks like the Cowboys will be watching two other teams playing in it. Dallas and their ineptitude has knocked that other soap opera off the main pages until today.

The Minnesota Vikings are a mess. If you thought Dallas was bad trust me, Minnesota is far worse. Tony Romo will heal and Wade Phillips will get fired and a talented Dallas team will find new leadership. The Vikings on the other hand have an injured Brett Farve who is tough but he's not coming back after this season. Tavares Jackson will have to step up but who knows if he's able to lead this team. Apparently head coach Brad Childress didn't think so or he wouldn't have hopped on a plane to personally visit Brett Farve and beg him errrr I mean ask him to play one more year.

This will be Farve's final year, I'd bet my house on it. Why? Two reasons. First, his on the field issues. Fighting for control of the team with his coach, and by the way Brett wins that one. I love the media leading up to this past weekend speculating if Brett would play or if Childress would allow Brett to play. Hilarious! Even if the head coach wanted Brett to sit out a game or two so he could heal up, Brett would've grabbed his helmet and started the game anyway. Second reason is his off the field issues with a former Jets employee. That one is still playing out and bad news for Brett, looks like she will talk with investigators.

Another plot twist to this drama was the addition of Randy Moss who was traded mid-season from the New England Patriots for basically nothing. Just last month the Minnesota Vikings' website was sporting a huge "Welcome back 84" sign with "Get your #84 gear" beneath it. My friend Adam is a huge Minnesota fan and he bought the authentic 84 Moss jersey for $260.00. I feel sorry for him and everyone else who bought that thing, the guy was with the team for less than a month! The original Moss jersey from 1998 - 2004 would be worth more. 

It's no secret that Randy Moss never got along with the media but ironically, this may be the reason for the Vikings sudden waiver of him. I'm not going to quote him I'll let him tell you himself in the actual press conference from October 31, 2010. Personally, I think what got him fired was saying no disrespect to the Minnesota Vikings, and then proceeding to disrespect them but that's just my opinion...

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