Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Accused of Battery

While Manny Pacquaio was busy blooding his opponent Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather was battering security guards...allegedly. Las Vegas police were called to Mayweather's home last night after a private security guard claimed Floyd poked him in the face during an incident in Floyd's gated community. The guard was patrolling the gated community when he drove up to Floyd's house to confront the boxer about a parking situation.

According to the guard, Floyd poked him in his face after he rolled his window down to talk to the boxer. Las Vegas police were called to scene and knocked on Mayweather's door but Floyd refused to open the door. Since Floyd was only suspected of misdemeanor battery, police took a report and did not make an arrest. The Las Vegas police plan to turn the case over to the D.A. who will decide whether or not to press charges.

Look, I understand the guard was just doing his job but I can see Floyd's point. If I threw down $5 million or more on a house then I am parking where I damn well please. Some of these guys take their jobs a little too seriously, not to beat up on the "victim" but there's a reason you're not with the LVPD, the real police. Floyd and his neighbors are paying this guy to protect their morning newspapers and to keep stray animals off the grass, not to annoy them about where they park their cars.

Another thing, it's a freaking gated community and there was a parking problem? Now I wasn't there, in fact I just got back home from Houston, Texas, but do you see where it says he drove up to Floyd's house? I live just outside of Las Vegas and I don't know about you but my house came with property and as long as you aren't blowing anything up or breaking any county ordinances you can do whatever the hell you want to do on your property. The only way he could have a problem with Floyd was if Mayweather parked one of his luxury rides directly in front of the gate and blocked traffic.

Oh yeah, and dude was poked in his face, not punched or stabbed. My boy Adam said it sounds like a cash grab meaning dude was baiting Floyd to put his hands on him and granted if Floyd did indeed touch him then that could be battery. We have to be the worst city for celebrities well besides L.A. the reigning champ of ruining lives...we have the most frivolous lawsuits tying up our courts. Don't believe me? Go ask Dennis Rodman how it feels to be sued after shaking a fan's hand too hard...

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