Monday, November 29, 2010

Fan Dies At Chicago Bears Game

What a wild weekend for sports fans. The crazy BCS race in college football, the wild weekend of NFL games, the Lakers losing two in a row? Utah and then Indiana got them, uh oh...just kidding it's only two games. The Miami Heat are going into operation panic mode as they are 9-8 so far this season. They've only played 17 games so I don't want to say they are a disaster but for all the hype surrounding Lebron James leaving Cleveland to play for Miami, you'd think they would be playing a little better. Instead the players are blaming the head coach and the head coach is blaming the players. Speaking of Cleveland, what a spectacle that will be as the Miami Heat travel to Cleveland and Lebron plays his former cousin, who lives in Cleveland, says the security for that game will rival the security for a President's visit...What if Cleveland wins? What if they make the playoffs and the Heat don't? Could you imagine? Uh Oh! I will reserve judgement until after the All-Star game.

TCU the #3 ranked team in the nation has decided to join the Big East Conference. I don't blame them, now they have an automatic bid for a bowl game in the BCS instead of constantly being jumped over by one loss teams in stronger conferences. They are leaving the Mountain West Conference who basically get no respect from the BCS. I just have one problem with this. Texas Christian University does not belong in the Big East Conference. I mean yes they are an excellent team, but shouldn't we mix in some geography? The current eight teams are all in the east, West Virginia, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, South Florida, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Rutgers. Now add Texas, yeah that makes sense. Why not add Oregon or UCLA or Cal State Fullerton, it would be just as stupid. 

One more thing about football this time on the professional level, my dad said that the Chicago Bears were the worst 7-3 team he has seen in awhile. Well now they are 8-3 after beating the Philadelphia Eagles and costing my dad several hundred bucks, told him not to bet, but something really tragic happened at that game.

A 23 year old man died during halftime at Sunday's game between the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles. Reports say his death was ruled an accident. The man was identified as Stuart Haverty. Witnesses say Haverty ran to the ledge and jumped. His friends said he was a skilled climber and enjoyed scaling buildings and trees. His friends also said he may have hopped over the balcony to smoke a cigarette, unaware of the drop. Apparently Haverty cleared a 3 foot railing and fell more than 35 feet onto the roof of a storage building. He was declared dead shortly after arriving at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

According to Soldier Field spokesman Luca Serra, Haverty fell from the concessions area that is a popular halftime hangout spot. "It's a tragic, unfortunate accident," Serra said.

The Chicago Bears issued a statement: "The Chicago Bears are deeply saddened to hear of the tragic accident that claimed the life of Stuart Haverty yesterday. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. They will be in our prayers during this difficult time."

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