Friday, October 15, 2010

NFL Week 6, Brett Farve, and more...

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy who's the new guy lol Welcome back Delon, where the hell ya been? The answer is...are you ready for this? On vacation, yeah I know vacation from what typing a few paragraphs hahaha Hey don't be mad at me because I make a ton of money doing what I love. What do you do Jett in Albuquerque? And what kind of name is Jett? Anyway, a lot has happened since my last post and what better place to start than Brett Farve. Are you freaking kidding me Brett? I'll never look at those Wrangler commercials the same way again. Instead of playing football I see him firing off pictures of his junk to some twenty-something woman who looks a lot like his wife...allegedly. 

Look, you're a grandfather now and I don't think that is in the grandfather playbook dude. Then again, I don't know many grandfathers playing football especially on the pro level. Dude retired like 10 times, see if you stayed retired this wouldn't have happened. These are supposed to be your golden years Brett. You're supposed to be in a rocking chair reading the funnies and eating a bowl of Werther's Originals. I love when I hear the talking heads on ESPN saying this shouldn't affect Brett on the field. Then why is he threatening to break his current iron man streak of 289 straight starts in the NFL? Texting yourself to some girl is the move a rookie would make, not a veteran. This is just stupid, memo to all athletes, stop taking pictures of your junk and sending it out to women who may get mad one day and release your pictures!

Uh moving on, is there anything on tv more unpredictable than the NFL. I live in Las Vegas and I cannot tell you how many times I walk into a sportsbook like the Aria for instance and see hundreds of dudes clutching tickets praying for a winner and looking like the walking dead 3 hours later when the game is over. The first thing on my tv when I got home was a commercial for those stupid tout services with their lock of the decade...Indy vs Jacksonville and they picked Indy and well we all know about the 59 yard field goal that shocked Indy and the world and gave Jacksonville the win. I won't mention the service but surprisingly they are still in business. My dad was right, he's like they're in the business of putting hard workers out of business.

San Francisco, will you guys ever win a game? Don't you know you are the NFC West favorite? and San Diego, how the hell do you lose to the Raiders? Oh I know, you argue with the refs instead of making plays. Someone tell the Dallas Cowboys that they are hosting the Superbowl this year, I mean they do know it's in Dallas? They are playing like they don't want any part of it. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that Dallas would play at home in the Superbowl, but it doesn't look like they will play in a wildcard game let alone the superbowl. Nothing like sitting with the fans watching the Superbowl being played in your stadium. 

Major League Baseball playoffs continue tonight with the American League Championship Series. From the looks of the Divisional Series, the Yankees should be worried and the Giants shouldn't even show up. Sure the New York Yankees have a lot more experience but the Texas Rangers and Cliff Lee in particular don't give a damn. Someone check Cliff Lee and make sure he's human. Did you see how he ripped Tampa Bays heart out? They couldn't do anything against the dude, not many teams can but the Yankees are the Yankees so we will see. The San Francisco Giants have excellent pitching and not much else to battle the Phillies and their awesome bats and stellar pitching staff. I mean if Frisco throws a couple of perfect games and a few no hitters they're going to the World Series, otherwise I don't see it happening. 

Thanks 4 the emails's nice to be missed!

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