Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fan Sneaks Into Game With Assault Rifles

It's 2010 and our world was forever changed nine years ago on September 11th. As someone who travels frequently I am well aware of the drastic differences in security before September 11th and after. Sports are my life, well besides Maria, but we both travel and enjoy going to sporting events around the country. Whenever we fly I have the routine down now as I arrive at least an hour early, half an hour for red eye flights. My point is there's usually going to be some waiting time for security and I'm fine with it now at first I hated it but I understand it is an effort to keep us all safe.

I'd like to think I am the biggest sports fan in the world, I watch sports everyday and I don't know what I would do without them. However, I understand that sports are an escape from everyday life and the real world. The personal things we may all be going through are going to be waiting for us after the game. As I've said, we attend a lot of live sporting events so you can imagine how shocked I was to find out that a fan was able to sneak in not one but two assault rifles into a college football game where over 113,000 people were in attendance.

A man posing as a color guard snuck into Michigan Stadium with two M-16 assault rifles as the University of Michigan took on Michigan State. University of Michigan police cleared the man and allowed him into the stadium because when they checked his M-16s they did not find any ammunition in the guns. They also didn't find any ammunition on him so they did not consider him a threat. The man, who is a full time member of the National Guard made his way onto the field with his M-16s. It was a member of the authorized color guard who noticed the man was not with them and reported the imposter to the University of Michigan police.

Diane Brown, who is with the university's Department of Public Safety said, "There wasn't anything we believe was done incorrectly or improperly by police in any of the checkpoints there". The fan wanted to go to the game but couldn't get a ticket, so he used his uniform to gain entranced to the stadium. He has been arrested and released but his case is now being handled by the Washtenaw County Prosecutor's Office.

This story is so incredible that I don't know where to begin. I mean dude you're kidding me right? Two assault rifles? I don't care if it is the biggest game ever, you can't be bringing weapons to sporting events. Not even soccer would tolerate that, they do allow machetes apparently but thats another report. I mean who does that? It's freaking 2010! I just can't understand how someone wakes up, throws on the game gear, gets in their car, drives to the stadium with their guns and tries to blend in. It's just crazy! I love his excuse, that he couldn't get a ticket to the game. Don't they have ticketmaster or stubhub where you live? Or better yet, watch it on television at a sports bar, there's an idea.

I don't want to forget the outstanding work on the University of Michigan police. You guys are going to be a punchline by the end of the week, are you freaking kidding me? A man dressed in color guard gear with two assault rifles and no ammo and you allow him entrance? God forbid, what if he stashed some ammo somewhere? Guess that's not possible. Remind me not to attend any games there. I wonder what other unloaded weapons are allowed? That's how ridiculous this is. Diane Brown is supporting the decision of the police academy errrrrr I mean the University of Michigan police. "There wasn't anything we believe was done incorrectly or improperly by police in any of the checkpoints there". Really Diane? I would counter that with exactly what did they do that was right?

It's not proper to take away a fan's M-16 assault rifles loaded or not with 113,000 people in attendance? It's not proper to ask dude for some identification since he was purportedly in the color guard and actually made it onto the field with the real color guard before they noticed him and didn't know who the hell he was. That is outstanding! Oh one more thing Diane, if nothing was "incorrect" or "improper" then why is dude being prosecuted? 

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