Monday, October 25, 2010

Tennessee Coach Compares Team To Germans In WWII

Well it is an unusual Monday night at my home. Typically I am at a sportsbook watching the games. Keep in mind that I do not bet on sports, well unless my uncle is in town like last time lol Check my past reports in this blog for more on that one, but I follow the betting lines just to see how well Vegas does and I do have some friends who are professional gamblers and wager every week so in a weird way I can experience the lows and highs that they go through winning and losing. However, I am just coming off of a wild bachelor party weekend for my boy Alex and it included UFC 121 where Cain Velasquez absolutely annihilated Brock Lesnar for a 1st round knockout.

The real reason I am staying home tonight is that my girlfriend is still mad at me for ridiculous reasons lol I turned my phone off during the UFC event and she couldn't reach me, not like I could hear the damn thing anyway it was so loud there. So she's in the other room watching Jersey Shore or some other garbage, she refuses to watch Monday Night Football with me. Maria's got the sniffles so I hope its not the flu and so I gotta stay home tonight and be miserable too errrrr I mean take care of my baby. First of all I didn't know she was sick so no emails ok lol Second, I may be "insensitive" and "a stupid ass" but at least I'm not dropping World War II references on a bunch of college football players. 

Just when I think I am the lowest person on earth, Tennessee coach Derek Dooley bails me out by comparing his team to the Germans in WWII. Coach Dooley was quoted as saying, "Right now, we're like the Germans in World War II. Here comes the boats, they're coming. You have binoculars, and it's like, Oh, my God, the invasion is coming." The coach compared Tennessee's inability to handle difficult game situations to how the Germans handled the D-Day invasion.

"I don't want the German people to get upset at me. I'm not attacking them, but that's what happened. You had one group, they weren't worried about what the plan was and orders and all that. When the war hits, things change. You've got to go. You had the other group, and they go, 'Wait a minute, they told us the invasion was way further north,' where we had the empty tanks and we were hiding Patton out. 'We weren't ready for this, now what do we do?' 'We better wait until Rommel tells us what to do.'"

Dooley was describing the confusion caused by the surprise landing of the Americans at Omaha Beach on D-Day and the Germans slow reaction in the absence of their leader, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

Nothing like someone trying to give you a history lesson while comparing themselves to the former enemy. A year ago, I couldn't understand why head coaches continually put their foot in their mouthes but in a weird way I can see how it happens now. I had the privilege of sitting in on a minor league team's pre-game speech and as a coach you'll say anything to get your guys fired up and ready to play, even if it's comparing your team to the German soldiers of WWII. 

This is what happens when you take your locker room speeches and make them public because the media is going to do their job and report and you will look bad no matter who you were trying to motivate. NFL legend Bill Parcells found out the hard way a few years back with his infamous, "No disrespect to the Orientals, but we like to run what we call 'Jap' plays." Should it have been said? No. But, this is the kind of talk used in the locker rooms and in the huddle, dugout, and sports in general. 

I understand the guy is just trying to motivate a Tennessee football program that has lost it's last three games, but he probably shouldn't have shared this with the media. These guys are old school and they don't quite get that it's 2010 and this kind of talk is unacceptable. In a way he knew he would get a negative response because he said, "I don't want the German people to get upset at me." Like I said he was trying to fire up his team, he probably didn't think he would get such a huge negative reaction. 

Still, you are the coach of the Tennessee Vols football team, a university that has a rich history of the good work they do with the Veterans Administration. These are the guys that fought in the D-Day invasion and although you didn't mean it, you offended them too. This is why coaches, athletes, and anyone involved with sports shouldn't be so quick to make war references and be so quick to compare on the field play to battlefield life and death because the real wars that our Veterans are going through is no game.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fan Sneaks Into Game With Assault Rifles

It's 2010 and our world was forever changed nine years ago on September 11th. As someone who travels frequently I am well aware of the drastic differences in security before September 11th and after. Sports are my life, well besides Maria, but we both travel and enjoy going to sporting events around the country. Whenever we fly I have the routine down now as I arrive at least an hour early, half an hour for red eye flights. My point is there's usually going to be some waiting time for security and I'm fine with it now at first I hated it but I understand it is an effort to keep us all safe.

I'd like to think I am the biggest sports fan in the world, I watch sports everyday and I don't know what I would do without them. However, I understand that sports are an escape from everyday life and the real world. The personal things we may all be going through are going to be waiting for us after the game. As I've said, we attend a lot of live sporting events so you can imagine how shocked I was to find out that a fan was able to sneak in not one but two assault rifles into a college football game where over 113,000 people were in attendance.

A man posing as a color guard snuck into Michigan Stadium with two M-16 assault rifles as the University of Michigan took on Michigan State. University of Michigan police cleared the man and allowed him into the stadium because when they checked his M-16s they did not find any ammunition in the guns. They also didn't find any ammunition on him so they did not consider him a threat. The man, who is a full time member of the National Guard made his way onto the field with his M-16s. It was a member of the authorized color guard who noticed the man was not with them and reported the imposter to the University of Michigan police.

Diane Brown, who is with the university's Department of Public Safety said, "There wasn't anything we believe was done incorrectly or improperly by police in any of the checkpoints there". The fan wanted to go to the game but couldn't get a ticket, so he used his uniform to gain entranced to the stadium. He has been arrested and released but his case is now being handled by the Washtenaw County Prosecutor's Office.

This story is so incredible that I don't know where to begin. I mean dude you're kidding me right? Two assault rifles? I don't care if it is the biggest game ever, you can't be bringing weapons to sporting events. Not even soccer would tolerate that, they do allow machetes apparently but thats another report. I mean who does that? It's freaking 2010! I just can't understand how someone wakes up, throws on the game gear, gets in their car, drives to the stadium with their guns and tries to blend in. It's just crazy! I love his excuse, that he couldn't get a ticket to the game. Don't they have ticketmaster or stubhub where you live? Or better yet, watch it on television at a sports bar, there's an idea.

I don't want to forget the outstanding work on the University of Michigan police. You guys are going to be a punchline by the end of the week, are you freaking kidding me? A man dressed in color guard gear with two assault rifles and no ammo and you allow him entrance? God forbid, what if he stashed some ammo somewhere? Guess that's not possible. Remind me not to attend any games there. I wonder what other unloaded weapons are allowed? That's how ridiculous this is. Diane Brown is supporting the decision of the police academy errrrrr I mean the University of Michigan police. "There wasn't anything we believe was done incorrectly or improperly by police in any of the checkpoints there". Really Diane? I would counter that with exactly what did they do that was right?

It's not proper to take away a fan's M-16 assault rifles loaded or not with 113,000 people in attendance? It's not proper to ask dude for some identification since he was purportedly in the color guard and actually made it onto the field with the real color guard before they noticed him and didn't know who the hell he was. That is outstanding! Oh one more thing Diane, if nothing was "incorrect" or "improper" then why is dude being prosecuted? 

Friday, October 15, 2010

NFL Week 6, Brett Farve, and more...

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy who's the new guy lol Welcome back Delon, where the hell ya been? The answer is...are you ready for this? On vacation, yeah I know vacation from what typing a few paragraphs hahaha Hey don't be mad at me because I make a ton of money doing what I love. What do you do Jett in Albuquerque? And what kind of name is Jett? Anyway, a lot has happened since my last post and what better place to start than Brett Farve. Are you freaking kidding me Brett? I'll never look at those Wrangler commercials the same way again. Instead of playing football I see him firing off pictures of his junk to some twenty-something woman who looks a lot like his wife...allegedly. 

Look, you're a grandfather now and I don't think that is in the grandfather playbook dude. Then again, I don't know many grandfathers playing football especially on the pro level. Dude retired like 10 times, see if you stayed retired this wouldn't have happened. These are supposed to be your golden years Brett. You're supposed to be in a rocking chair reading the funnies and eating a bowl of Werther's Originals. I love when I hear the talking heads on ESPN saying this shouldn't affect Brett on the field. Then why is he threatening to break his current iron man streak of 289 straight starts in the NFL? Texting yourself to some girl is the move a rookie would make, not a veteran. This is just stupid, memo to all athletes, stop taking pictures of your junk and sending it out to women who may get mad one day and release your pictures!

Uh moving on, is there anything on tv more unpredictable than the NFL. I live in Las Vegas and I cannot tell you how many times I walk into a sportsbook like the Aria for instance and see hundreds of dudes clutching tickets praying for a winner and looking like the walking dead 3 hours later when the game is over. The first thing on my tv when I got home was a commercial for those stupid tout services with their lock of the decade...Indy vs Jacksonville and they picked Indy and well we all know about the 59 yard field goal that shocked Indy and the world and gave Jacksonville the win. I won't mention the service but surprisingly they are still in business. My dad was right, he's like they're in the business of putting hard workers out of business.

San Francisco, will you guys ever win a game? Don't you know you are the NFC West favorite? and San Diego, how the hell do you lose to the Raiders? Oh I know, you argue with the refs instead of making plays. Someone tell the Dallas Cowboys that they are hosting the Superbowl this year, I mean they do know it's in Dallas? They are playing like they don't want any part of it. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that Dallas would play at home in the Superbowl, but it doesn't look like they will play in a wildcard game let alone the superbowl. Nothing like sitting with the fans watching the Superbowl being played in your stadium. 

Major League Baseball playoffs continue tonight with the American League Championship Series. From the looks of the Divisional Series, the Yankees should be worried and the Giants shouldn't even show up. Sure the New York Yankees have a lot more experience but the Texas Rangers and Cliff Lee in particular don't give a damn. Someone check Cliff Lee and make sure he's human. Did you see how he ripped Tampa Bays heart out? They couldn't do anything against the dude, not many teams can but the Yankees are the Yankees so we will see. The San Francisco Giants have excellent pitching and not much else to battle the Phillies and their awesome bats and stellar pitching staff. I mean if Frisco throws a couple of perfect games and a few no hitters they're going to the World Series, otherwise I don't see it happening. 

Thanks 4 the emails's nice to be missed!