Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Toronto Blue Jays Fan Hit By Falling Sign

If you're a fan of football September has got to be your favorite sports month. A new season is beginning, your friends begin to pull their 49ers gear or Chargers gear out of moth balls, Raiders fan makes an apperance on my street whenever his team wins and why am I not shocked that he's the dude with the tallest grass on the block. Then again, he wouldn't be Raider fan if he wasn't bringing down the neighborhood and property values.

College football season is underway and every game is a playoff as we saw last night with that instant classic played between Boise State and Virginia Tech. This morning in the parking garage I heard "Ya see that game bro"? In the elevator I heard pretty much the same thing. I nearly burned myself at the coffee station because my boy Trevor couldn't contain his excitement. Dude's not even a Boise State fan, no one I saw at work is a Boise State fan but that's what great games do to you.

I gotta give love to Eastern Carolina too, all they did was win a football game the most exciting way you can, a hail mary pass that was caught by Justin Jones for the 51 - 49 victory. Of course Jones is 7'8" or 8'7" one of those, whatever dude is definetly over 6'8". Then of course you have Major League Baseball and this is the time of year the playoff picture takes shape.

The Awesome American League East race going on between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The National League West race that San Diego has been trying to give away after losing ten in a row before winning last night, now they are just one game ahead of San Francisco. The Toronto Blue Jays are 14.5 games behind the New York Yankees but they are making news for another reason.

On Monday a fan at the Toronto Blue Jays game was struck by a metal letter that fell from a sign honoring Jackie Robinson. The fan, who has not been named, was hit in the seventh inning of a game against the Texas Rangers. Jose Bautista hit a foul ball off of the third deck behind home plate and the "B" from Robinson's name fell about 30 feet. The man was treated with ice packs and later returned to his seat.

No word on whether or not they let him keep the "B", they should since it nearly killed him. All of a sudden baseball is the most dangerous sport? A few weeks ago a child was struck by a foul ball and got a nice bat to cheer up and then last week a man was hit with a line drive and that was even scarier, he also returned. Last year a woman at a Florida Marlins game was struck by a piece of concrete that fell from the ceiling at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, yup she returned to her seat also. I don't think I'm returning after any of those scenarios, especially after getting domed by a piece of concrete. Football is the most violent sport but clearly baseball has the toughest fans.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lebron James Sued for $4 Million in Paternity Lawsuit

In a story that sounds like a topic on the Maury show, Lebron James and his mother Gloria are being sued for $4 million from a man claiming to be Lebron's father. The man, Leicester Bryce Stovell claims he met Gloria in a D.C. area bar in 1984 and claims to have had unprotected sex with her that night. He later found out she was 15 years old while he was 29. According to the documents, Gloria has spent the rest of her life shielding Lebron from the truth.

Also in his suit, Stovell claims he has a very clear recollection of the night he had "consensual sexual relations" with Gloria. He even remembers apologizing for his sub-par performance. Stovell claims Gloria went back to her hometown in Ohio after they met but returned several months later to inform him she was pregnant with a boy but she never specifically identified the father.

Stovell claims he reconnected with Gloria in 2007 over the phone when he began to think he was Lebron's father partly because they look almost identical. During the phone call Stovell claims Gloria denied ever meeting him, threatened to have him physically harmed, and told him "Lebron's money is for his children." A few days later Lebron through his lawyer agreed to take a paternity test which showed Stovell was not his father but Stovell suspected the test was tampered with.

How many things are wrong with this story. I don't even know where to begin. So a man who claims to have met Lebron's mom in a bar in 1984 wants money. A man who had a one night stand with a 15 year old is suing someone? By the way, dude has a law degree from the University of Chicago so why does he think if his story is true that he had "consensual sexual relations"? A 15 year old can not consent to anything. I mean that's not a new law. Maybe in 1984 some states had a gray area.

Let's say he is Lebron's father, you haven't seen your son in decades and you want to sue him for $4 mil? You've missed his entire childhood and instead of wanting to catch up on things you want money? Although this is a weird case, sadly it isn't unusual. I've heard the horror stories of guys walking around not knowing they were fathers.

My problem with Stovell, well besides the fact that we had to hear about his "sub-par performance", is that Lebron was getting publicity at 13 and at 15 he was on ESPN, they were practically broadcasting his high school games, that's how good dude was. So if he never knew Lebron existed he should've got a test then, but he did know. According to his own story, Gloria told him months after their alleged encounter back in 1984. Why wait to get the test? What was he waiting for the endorsement deals? See even if he wasn't that's how it looks because he waited until Lebron was in the NBA to test him.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------An update to this story as of 9/3/2010, a new paternity test was taken and the court documents show a 0% probability of Leicester Bryce Stovell being Lebron's father. (Las Vegas Review-Journal, and the Sporting News)