Monday, August 16, 2010

NBA's Stephenson Arrested for Assault

When Tyreke Evans the rookie of the year from the Sacramento Kings got busted for speeding I thought he's just a knuckleheaded rookie. Then Chris Coughlan the rookie of the year from the Florida Marlins shatters his knee slamming a pie into a teammate's face and still I thought nothing of it. I should've sensed a disturbing trend with rookies in 2010 was developing because Indiana Pacers rookie Lance Stephenson just got arrested for pushing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs.

According to the authorities, there was a confrontation around 5a.m. Sunday when the victim Jasmine Williams returned to her home with two friends. The witnesses say Stephenson was waiting for her and yelled "Are you kidding me?" before pushing her down the stairs. A judge released Stephenson without bail late Sunday night after his arrest on assault, menacing, and harrassment charges. Stephenson's next court date is scheduled for October 19th.

Obviously these are serious charges he's facing and the victim may have serious injuries. Reports say she suffered head and back injuries and possible damage to her neck. Stephenson dude, just because your girl stayed out all night you can't go throwing her down a flight of stairs allegedly. I say alleged because he's denying the charges. According to Stephenson the victim, "Had fallen down the stairs." At least that's the statement he gave to the responding officers.

Oh it gets worse for dude, according to a criminal complaint provided by the Brooklyn District Attorney's office it states that as the victim lay at the bottom of the stairs, Stephenson picked her head up and slammed it onto the bottom step. This is bad and I don't care that he's a 19 year old drafted out of high school with a great career ahead of him, this is not cool. At no point is it o.k. to be violent against women. Well, you shouldn't be violent against anyone but there is nothing more gutless and pathetic than a man hitting a woman.

Speaking of his career, dude is playing for the strictest team in the NBA the Indiana Pacers. Uh oh! They have a no nonsense policy after that brawl at the Palace of Auburn Hills against the Detroit Pistons several years back. How a riot didn't break out that night still amazes me. Pacers president Larry Bird sounds like he's not waiting for all the facts to come out in this case, sounds like he wants to get rid of Stephenson before the trial.

"Everyone in the Pacers organization remains strongly committed to our players representing Indianapolis and the state of Indiana in a positive way and will not condone behavior that reflects poorly on this franchise and community", Bird said in a news release. 
"We are continuing to gather all the facts regarding Lance's arrest but regardless of the outcome of the investigation, Lance should not have put himself in the position he was in early Sunday morning", Bird said.

On my blog on CBSsportsline I already have hate mail lol Ok Mr. Knowitall what would you do? and the answer is handle it differently obviously. First of all we have an understanding but if my girlfriend didn't come home all night and never called me I would just lock her out of the house. No in all seriousness, I would talk to her and let her know why I was upset and if that doesn't work then maybe you shouldn't be with that person. The problem is some people when they're mad or arguing, they run out of words to say and that's when bad things happen. 

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