Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Proof Horse Racing is a bet not a sport

If you live outside of Nevada you probably only watch horseracing whenever it is on NBC for the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes the three biggest races. No one does it like NBC either, they get their money's worth out of the two minutes of the actual race. Six hours of coverage, interviews with rich owners no one knows or cares about, showing people gulping $1,000 mint juleps when you can get a mint julep at 7 eleven for $2....ahhh the gracefulness, the spectacle, the pagentry that is horseracing.

Yeah that's the top end of the sport, now for the reality and no I'm not talking about the jockeys. Believe me, that is an entirely different report, one that would be so dark you probably couldn't get through it. The way these guys starve themselves and put their bodies through incredible things to make weight. No this report is about the low lives drugging horses to win races.

Some undercover investigators from California's Bureau of Gambling Control infiltrated races at private ranches in Lodi, Stockton, Escalon, and Ceres. Nine men have been charged with animal cruelty, and illegal gambling for operating a clandestine horse-racing circuit in San Joaquin County. The men were doping horses with methamphetamine and cocaine.

Investigators recorded a race on March 16, 2008 where minutes before the race, eight men stood in the middle of the track taking bets. Organizers sold beer and food while others recorded the races with video cameras. The ring leader Jose Villa Olguin, initially charged with promoting the illegal races, plead guilty in a deal with prosecuters. A judge ordered him to pay a $10,000 fine and serve 1,000 hours of community service. All defendants are due back in court September 13th.

This is incredible, I have to give the investigators props on this one because to the naked eye you would think nothing was out of the ordinary. These guys were so good they had their own horse racing circuit! They were even selling beer and food. If I were in attendance I would've thought I was just enjoying a day at the races. Well, the eight guys taking bets in the middle of the track would've tipped me off I think.

These guys were not track side or in the parking lot, no they were on the track taking bets as if they didn't care who saw what was going on! It's all about the benjamins isn't it fellas? I did this report because you are being naive if you think these guys are the only ones doing this. In a "sport" where the fastest horse gets you paid, what do you think is going to be happening? You either come in first, place, or show, or basically you ran for nothing.

My friend Jessica is here as I am writing this and she suggest the horse racing committee have a point system like they do in Nascar. Horse racing is all about winning, first, second, or third, that is it. See points only work in sports and I have been convinced that Nascar is a sport because sure we can all drive but how many of us can push 200mph without going airborne? Horse racing is a bet! I went to Utah a few years back for an NBA game with some buddies and talk about dry, no bars, no lottery, no sportsbetting but something we did find...Off Track Betting! Look it up dudes, now that's proof that horse racing is....well you know.

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