Thursday, August 12, 2010

Competitor Dies at World Sauna Championship

In the professional reports I write for another website the feedback is interesting. It is usually 50/50 sort of a love/hate thing each day. That's when I am writing about sports...real sports like baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, etc. Whenever I write about these hobbies that people want to turn into sports like ping pong and no Jessica it's not "table tennis" its ping pong lol But whenever I write about these wannabe sports I always get a lot of negative mail or comments.

Poker, hey I love it and my buddies and me play all the time but it's not a sport. If that's a sport then so is Crazy 8's and Old Maid. Adam's like then why is poker always on ESPN? It's called ratings and money, never forget the E in ESPN stands for Entertainment. Speaking of things that aren't sports, the World Sauna Championships...I didn't even know it was a competition see you learn something new everyday. The World Sauna Championships took place in Heinola, Finland. Apparently, the object of this "sport" is to sit in a room that is hot as hell longer than everyone else. 

Finland's native son Timo Kaukonen is the reigning five time champ. Russian Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy died at the event. The final started with six men but four of them left after three minutes in the 230 degree heat. Every 10 to 20 seconds the remaining two men were signaling that they were o.k. but after six minutes the referees took them out. The Russian had to be dragged out and fell in front of the sauna and workers put up barriers blocking the public's view of him shortly afterwards. Witnesses say he was covered in blisters and burns over most of his body and some of the blisters had burst. 

Ossi Arvela, the director of the championships, said the two men were giving the paramedics thumbs up "very often." Arvela also said, "They were conscious but unable to get out of the sauna on their own." The champion Kaukonen trains all year round for this one weekend. Dude gets into hotter saunas three times a day and drinks 3 to 4 gallons of water a day. He is also sponsored by a major sauna manufacturer.

O.k. I will try to make sense of this because I am just as sickened as you guys will be after reading this and be glad I don't post the pictures of these guys it is unreal. First of all congrats to the champ I guess, there's no prize money involved just some gifts that hardly seem worth baking to death for. Second, shouldn't there be rules like if you see "competitors" turning different shades of red and then purple maybe it's time to break the glass. Also I love Ossi Arvela's statement that "they were conscious but unable to get out of the sauna on their own." Yeah dude no kidding. That's what happens when you slow roast your "athletes".

Don't they have cable in Finland? I mean this sounds like something you come up with when your drunk at the frat house. You have the champ slamming 3 to 4 gallons of water a day and somehow living and when he's not slamming water he's jumping in and out of saunas all day, some life. He did land a major sponsor though so maybe that's how he's getting paid, whatever it is it's not enough. How the Finnish police didn't press charges is amazing.

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