Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lebron James Visits Las Vegas...uh oh!

If you ask me Vegas is the real "city that never sleeps" no offense New York. We have all heard that stupid slogan of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas like 100,000 times because they beat it to death, by the way if you believe that slogan then please find me on ebay where I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. I have been writing professionally since 1998 when I started the SportsList in school and got several articles published in the newspaper. When I started writing about sports I quickly learned something, athletes and Vegas do not mix. Especially athletes with families.

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and dude got taken down by Vegas. Cecil Fielder the former major league baseball player and father of Milwaulkee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder, lost over $40 million dollars. Then of course we have Mike Tyson and well, I don't even know where to start with that one and I was going to do some honorable mentions but I don't have all night. Lebron James is the latest athlete to party on the strip and he's young and rich and has a bunch of yes men around him so nothing could go wrong right? Unless you have an ESPN reporter blending in with your entourage reporting everything he sees to the public....oops!

ESPN Los Angeles columnist Arash Markazi is in hot water for not properly identifying himself while doing a story on Lebron. Thursday his story was killed meaning it is frantically being erased from ESPN databases. The only problem with this ESPN is that you guys are fighting a losing battle, it's like sending your ex pictures by accident. Once you hit publish the story is no longer yours. We've all done it, you know hit send to all in your email instead of to your girl, so now she gets the message along with half of the office. Why the hell is send to all so close to send email? Well, you guessed it, the story got out anyway.

Markazi depicted James as someone who “relishes being the center of attention”.

The more you hang around James, the more you realize he's still a child wrapped in a 6-foot-8, 250 pound frame," Markazi wrote in the story posted at 9:40 am ET Wednesday. It was pulled shortly thereafter.

So now you guys can't read about James flirting with Las Vegas cocktail waitresses in clubs surrounded by naked women covered in rose petals. My favorite part is how James was upset when the establishment sent him and his crew a male waiter. "I wish they’d have one of those girls with no panties do that instead of the
guy," he said as a waiter delivered another bottle of vodka.

Hey look, I am not mad at the guy because if the roles were reversed and I was 25 and rich I'd be in the playboy suite right now at the Palms with a room full of the hottest girls uh I mean my closest friends. In all seriousness the dude should wait along with any other
active professional athlete. Wait until your career is over because Vegas has too many things that can get you fined or even banned from playing your sport not to mention you are a walking target with degenerates looking to bait you into a fight or something that results in lawsuits. If Lebron were single I'd say the same thing...just stay away from Vegas.

If your single you will put your career in jeopardy right Mike? If you're married you will put your family in jeopardy right Tiger? The smartest athlete continues to be Derek Jeter and not because my grandfather is a Yankees fan, Jeter knows his supermodels, winning world championships, being the man, and staying single...the perfect blueprint, I am waiting for dude to write a book on life already...ehhh Go Dodgers! lol you knew I had to throw
that in.....