Thursday, April 29, 2010

Underage Prostitute Has Soccer Team In Hot Water

The NBA Playoffs are underway and the San Antonio Spurs just upset the 2 seed out of the Western Conference the Dallas Mavericks tonight to advance to the conference semifinals. The Yankees took care of Baltimore, a city I just visited, earlier today with some spectacular defense. Oh yeah, and I can't forget the mega fight coming up between the best boxer in the world Floyd Mayweather Jr vs "Sugar" Shane Mosley.

You may be asking why am I talking about soccer with all of this good stuff going on. Well its not everyday an underage escort gets with a French soccer team...allegedly.

French media reported that Zahia Dehar, who just turned 18, had paid sex with several football stars, including Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema, and Sidney Govou. The players have testified to police and could face up to three years in prison and a euro 45,000 ($60,000) fine if found guilty. Prostitution is legal in France, but prostitutes must be over 18 years old, and clients are liable if they are not.

"I never told anybody I was a minor," Dehar said in an interview published Thursday by the French weekly magazine Paris Match. She said she had been paid for sex since the age of 16 when she began partying in fashionable Paris nightclubs and that she charged about 2,000 ($2,650) for a night with a customer.

"But I'm not a prostitute," she said in the interview, arguing she was an "escort girl" instead because she didn't belong to a network or a pimp, and sometimes chose not to have sex with customers she didn't like. She was saving money to buy a beauty parlor.

This is so unbelievable that I don't even know where to begin. First of all the soccer players are certainly guilty of bad judgement on a variety of issues. Now how hard is it to ask for an i.d. and nevermind that, why are they getting with prostitutes anyway, allegedly.  I thought these guys were high paid professional soccer players, shouldn't they be dating supermodels?

The escort was just a child when all of this took place. The girl's family says they thought she was going to a friend's house during all of her "meetings". Also I love when she says "I'm not a prostitute I'm an escort" which is like Derek Jeter saying I don't play baseball, I mean give me a break.

This is just sad and I actually feel bad for the girl. I think it is really sad that this is the only way she thinks she can attain a beauty parlor. I know for a fact that college is free in France and in most of Europe. We had a foreign exchange student stay with us when I was in high school, shout out to Miriam.

The soccer players I don't feel bad at all I mean their reputations are already shot. Again, as the adults they are to blame for this criminally stupid behavior. Thanks a lot soccer, you've given me another reason to hate your sport. I've already seen the 2010 campaign for soccer in the USA and I'm telling you it won't work.

Just ask Manchester United, probably the most famous soccer team in the world when they came to visit Portland, Oregon and were greeted by 12 people. Soccer doesn't work in the US and it never will, hopefully they'll read this and stop trying to force feed us this garbage.

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