Friday, April 2, 2010

NY Jets Front Player $500,000 For Child Support

My friends ask me all the time why am I so tough on athletes and I always answer the same way, because like it or not these guys are role models. Yes they are human just like everyone else, however if you are on television everyday you have worldwide recognition and that usually comes with money, a tremendous amount of money and so that's where the average guy and the professional athlete part ways.

They are role models because kids who love sports idolize these guys and do everything they can to duplicate their success on and off the field. That's why I am so tough on athletes when they screw up. That's probably also the reason Tiger Woods felt compelled to apologize publicly. That being said Tiger is a saint compared to Antonio Cromartie.

When the NY Jets signed cornerback Antonio Cromartie, they also signed his personal baggage which is why they had to front him $500,000 of his $1.7 million dollar contract. Cromartie has the burden of supporting seven children by six different mothers in five different states. NY Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum said, "We're looking forward to him having a fresh start here with us and we're going to work with Antonio collaboratively to make sure we can do everything we can organizationally to give him the best chance to be successful. We're looking forward to working together in that partnership."

Uh oh! Slow down a minute Mike, just hold the hell up, I think he has been a little too successful off of the football field that is the problem. Listen in all seriousness this is a real problem and it happens more often than you think. Antonio, are you kidding me? Travis Henry and his 11 kids by 9 women thinks you need to mix in some condoms. Granted it's a little late for that, just stay away from women in general dude.

I don't have any kids but if that happened to me once I would promise myself that would never happen again because how on earth do you begin to explain this to the child. Dad how did you and mom meet? Then again, most people can't answer that without turning red in the face. This is not cool, not cool in the sports world, not cool in the real world and not cool on Maury. Clearly a show full of Harvard sophisticates, I won't get started on that rant because this blog will turn into a book...

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