Friday, April 23, 2010

Either the best game or the worst game I've ever seen

It should be known that I am a huge sports fan. Sports are like a drug and I just have to watch as much as I can. More than anything I think I just love live action which probably explains why I'm such a huge WWE fan. My uncle owns his own business and deals with some very important people and when I tell them about going to the WWE events they're like...why?

While the NCAA basketball tournament is the best event in all of sports and then comes the Superbowl, baseball will always remain my favorite sport and it's not because my grandfather brought my cousin and I to a New York Yankees game when we were ten...okay yes it is but it was just so much fun that I never forgot it. Sneaking down a few rows every inning until we were near the dugout it was just awesome.

Although I'm this huge sports fan I always seem to attract girls who love the Real Housewives or Basketball Wives or now Maria's into Ray J and Brandy and I'm like who cares about this crap...sports rule! Well unless games like the one between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates happen too often.

Brewers 20 Pittsburgh 0!

Not a misprint, Robert Nutting the owner of the Pirates has been called the anti Steinbrenner before but now I don't know what to think. Steinbrenner who owns the NY Yankees, would fire his entire staff including some players if the Yankees ever suffered such an embarrassing loss. I'm sitting on my couch yesterday watching this game and it was surreal. I mean at least in little league they have a mercy rule but this is the big leagues. I felt bad for Pittsburgh, I mean the Brewers were taking no pity as they continued to swing for homeruns even with a 20 run lead.

Ryan Braun homered, singled, doubled, oh yeah and he also drove in five runs. 10 Brewers had at least an RBI and this beating came a day after the Brewers beat the Pirates 8 - 0. If there are any Pirates fans left the news will only get worse I mean it is only April and I don't think the Pirates are even trying anymore. Now that I think about it, the Pirates haven't tried in decades but hopefully they can recover from this and play better because this isn't good for baseball. People are struggling everyday in this economy and sports are there to take our minds off of the problems we may have but these guys are basically collecting their checks wearing ski masks because they aren't earning them.

On a personal note I am playing in this local poker tournament and I am surprising myself I actually knocked out some players but mostly I'm there for the networking, you'd be surprised by who you can meet at one of these tournaments, tomorrow I'll bring my camera...wish me luck!

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