Thursday, March 25, 2010

When A Friend Invites You Over

I can't believe I let a month go by without blogging sorry about that dudes and I hate to say this but it probably will happen again. I just have so much stuff going on, good stuff don't get me wrong. During the past few months incredible things have been happening to me and I am just realizing how truly blessed I am.

It just goes to show that hard work does get noticed and I am just thrilled that soon I will be in a position to help my family and friends more than ever. Speaking of friends, can someone tell me the proper etiquette for visiting a friend's house? You would think that I'd know at this point but apparently I don't because I got into this huge debate with Jessica about it.

I have like 25 personal friends and it started with 5 but then some of them got married and some have family functions and lets just say I may have 100 friends by the end of the year. That's fine but I am constantly getting invited to someone's house and the last time it was my friend Justin who ordered UFC 1000 or whatever number it's on now, on ppv for like $50.00

We go to his house and he's charging people $5.00 each and I was kinda upset. Maria paid him on the down low I already know she did but she didn't even get mad it was Jessica my best friend since high school who's calling me rude. I'm like I will not pay after I bring over coronas and chips and other stuff I mean what is this and Justin's all like just have a seat. I think I had the right to be mad and I think I'm the only one who was brave enough to speak up because they all know I could care less.

See if you honestly know me then you would know that if you tell me in advance you plan to charge me an entry fee that I'm not coming and it's not that I am cheap it's just crazy that someone you think you know would do that. I am writing about it because it's becoming an epidemic lol I know I just got a raise but don't invite me to your house and then say pay up, that I think is whats rude.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hustler Magazine Can Be Sued Over Wrestler's Pics

Well I bet you guys have been waiting to read my take on this one since it hit the wire. First of all, I only write about reports and topics that I find interesting, that being said, some people when their name pops up in the headlines, are a must read because they're so interesting and in this case, controversial.

Larry Flynt is a magazine publisher who has turned his "Hustler" magazine into an empire. I'm not about to give you his complete biography but he has made many millions of dollars in the adult industry. This time he's in the news because of 20-year-old photos that were published of Nancy Benoit.

She was the wife of professional wrestler Chris Benoit. Benoit killed his wife Nancy and their son before committing suicide in 2007. Nancy Benoit's family filed a federal lawsuit against the Larry Flynt Publishing Group, Hustler's publisher, claiming that the woman, a model and former professional wrestler herself, had asked the photographer to destroy the images immediately after they were shot.

A federal judge ruled in the magazine's favor in October 2008, dismissing the lawsuit and concluding that the magazine had the right to publish the photos in part because her death was a "legitimate matter of public interest and concern."

Last year, the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the judge's ruling, saying the magazine had no right to publish the photos. An interesting note on this story is that the magazine is being backed by journalist' groups siting a First Amendment right to publish the pictures.

Okay look, the woman was young when she took the pictures and immediately regretted taking them that's why she asked for the pictures to be destroyed. There is no way a publishing company is going to get rid of pictures that can make them money in the future which is what happened after the murder-suicide in 2007.

It may not be ethical but this is the time we live in where information is available almost anywhere. It's a fine line and if you target Hustler Magazine then you have to target TMZ and National Enquirer. It all comes down to censorship and it's becoming increasingly difficult to censor anything in the information age.