Friday, February 19, 2010

Showdown At Sawgrass

Ola, this is my debut blog on blogger and probably my 7,000th blog I've written to date. I also have blogs on "" and "" but if you want to read those you can request from me by mail and I'll be sure to send you the links. I thought about posting the links on this blog but I didn't want to force feed you my opinions. 

Enough about me personally, did you guys check out that massacre uh I mean press conference today held by Tiger Woods? The dude looked like he was walking to the electric chair this morning on the way to that podium. Look, Tiger cheated on his wife...several times, dude isn't proud of what he's done. Tiger looked like he was choking back tears as he apologized into the camera and he would like the media to give his family more privacy...the end.  

Well I wish, instead this story will never end, it won't go away. I personally don't care about what he does off the field I'm not his wife. All I care about is him playing golf so maybe these sports news outlets and I don't want to call anyone out ESPN, will move on to other stories. 

Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I was blitzed by a story like this. What I mean is that I couldn't get away from this story if I wanted to. Several channels had countdown clocks to "Tiger Speaks" their words not mine. It was on the radio in my car, it was on the tv at starbucks, it was on my blackberry thanks to my friends texting me, it was everywhere so I watched I admit it. 

Not like I could help it but interestingly enough, the person I wanted to see wasn't even at the confession errrr I mean the press conference. Anyone see Elin Woods around? If I have to watch this nonsense than so does she. Well I take that back she's been through enough. 

Bottomline, I hope dude can overcome all this and get back to being the greatest golfer ever but he does owe an apology not to us but to his family, well maybe also the field today at the Accenture Match Play Championship that's currently going on and that everyone forgot about at 8am/11am eastern today...

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