Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pro Wrestler Ric Flair Assaulted By Wife?

A shocking story is developing out of Charlotte, North Carolina at the home of Ric Flair, the legendary 16 time World Heavyweight Champion of wrestling. The "Nature Boy", who is currently wrestling for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, is alleging his wife Jacqueline Beems assaulted him after dinner. Police say Flair's 41 year old wife had in fact been charged. Flair claims his wife attacked him after they went out for dinner. The 60 year old professional wrestler sustained minor injuries but refused treatment from paramedics.

This is incredible and yeah I know all about the "Undertaker" getting burned during his entrance but this story blew all of the other reports off of the map. Certainly not a slow news day, I could have gone with LaDainian Tomlinson getting fired errrrr I mean released from the San Diego Chargers on Monday. Or I could have gone with the substitute teacher showing porn to a high school classroom in New Mexico. Yeah dude thought it was a history lesson on the tape he got from his friend, oops!...uh you might want to screen your friend's tape next time.

The Ric Flair story stood out because dude made his living "performing" in all sorts of brutal matches for decades and he has won the World title many times. The WWE's biggest show Wrestlemania is coming up next month and yeah I'm going but I don't think the card will have anything close to what allegedly went down in the Flair house Sunday night. Now I could throw out possible scenarios that were volunteered by some of the goofballs here at the studio but I am the mature one clearly.

I don't know if she had him in a figure four leg lock or a sleeper hold or if she jumped off of a table like a top rope or smacked him with a steel chair Petros I guess I could go check if I were a field reporter but I'm a blogger dude. That is amazing though, one of the most recognizable wrestlers in the world got taken down by his wife. That is a bad woman, not sure if she has MMA training or what. Hulk Hogan, the Macho Man, and the Four Horsemen had better look the hell out for their wives or girlfriends or significant others.

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