Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NHRA Racing Accident Kills Fan

While my colleagues are all talking about the huge USA upset hockey win over the Canadians in the Winter Olympics, I am going the opposite direction towards Arizona where a drag racing accident killed a woman. The woman was watching a race at the Firebird International Raceway when Antron Brown's dragster lost it's left wheel and it struck the woman who's name had not been released. The NHRA did release an email statement. "The entire NHRA community is deeply saddened by today's incident and sends its thoughts and prayers to the woman's family and friends." The NHRA said the driver Antron Brown was not injured. The race continued and John Force won his second straight Funny Car final before the race was postponed due to rain.

The reason I decided to blog about this story is because of what happened after the accident. Now I understand that the show must go on, I have been to outdoor events and got soaked but the show continued and it usually says rain or shine on the ticket. Hey if you plan an event months or even years in advance I could see how you would like to see it finish. That being said, a death at an event should be grounds for a rescheduling or even cancellation.

A death usually takes away your competitive drive if you are performing and if you're a fan I don't think you would care anymore who won. I mean someone did lose their life, why not shut it down? You have got to be kidding me! Hey listen, I am the biggest sports fan and it's no secret but I don't think I am going to be in a cheerful mood after watching some poor woman get run down by a rogue tire. For me the race is over I wouldn't care who won after seeing something so horrific, but I know there were some degenerates who would've complained had the NHRA actually done the right thing by shutting it down for the day.

I know I may take some heat on this one and I say bring it. I know she was airlifted and they didn't know her immediate status but you can't just sweep away the debris that killed someone and begin waving the flags again, I mean just restart the thing the next day how hard could it be? I don't care if there is no one in the stands just show some respect to her friends and family. It did rain shortly thereafter so the event was postponed anyway, it just looks bad and if you don't agree then imagine it happened to someone close to you and tell me that you'd stick around for the finish. Sad day at the track, thoughts and prayers to that woman's family.

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