Thursday, February 25, 2010

Buffalo Bills starting RT retires at 26

Brad Butler, the starting right tackle for the Buffalo Bills, announced his retirement after only four years in the NFL. He has interned for Congressman Jack Kemp in the past and apparently he would like to continue working with the government. In a statement released by the team Butler said, "My passion for education, country and community is something that I am ready to devote my full attention to. I believe the best way to pursue these spheres of interest is to step away from the game of football at this point in my life." Butler was drafted in 2006 and played just two games in 2009 after a serious knee injury against Tampa Bay.

In other words, the Bills aren't going anywhere anytime soon so I quit. Look, I can respect his passion for education and country and community but clearly you are quitting if you are throwing in the towel after four years. Most of these guys are practicing everyday to make it to the NFL level and when they get there they don't want to leave just ask Brett Farve. I don't know if the dude wants to be a politician or just work for Congressman Jack Kemp or just get away from western New York.

Hey it's his life he can do whatever the hell he wants but he's definitely a rare guy. I don't think we're going to be seeing  Tom Brady clearing his locker to go on the road with Hillary Clinton anytime soon. We probably won't see Peyton Manning hanging up his jersey to take a job guarding President Obama or Tony Romo leaving the Cowboys to become the White House Press Secretary. Do you see where I am going with this? Before this announcement you could say those scenarios would be ridiculous but dude really did quit the NFL to take a desk job. Maybe he wants to be a teacher, he did mention his passion for education so that's an honorable profession...a little bizarre seeing as how dude was earning ten times a teacher's salary but hopefully he likes his next profession a little more than his previous one.

Most athletes claim they do what they do, be it contract hold outs or whatever, for the love of the game and not for the money. Let me tell you something, when an athlete or anyone for that matter says it's not about the money, trust me it's about the money but in Brad Butler's case, maybe the money wasn't enough to keep doing something that wasn't his passion.

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