Monday, December 6, 2010

Nascar Driver Suing The Makers Of "Extenze"

I started writing blogs back in college and for the first time I am doing back to back Nascar reports. I don't blog everyday because there's simply no time I am a busy man especially this month I have to travel twice. Atlantic City for poker wish me luck, and ending 2010 in Honolulu, Hawaii. That will be sweet, looking forward to visiting paradise again. Makes you wonder what the hell the NFL was thinking moving the Pro Bowl to Miami before coming to their senses and moving it back to Honolulu for 2011. 

My last blog I was talking about Bobby Hamilton Jr. busting caps and getting away with it. This time another Nascar driver is suing an erectile dysfunction company. Classic! You can't make this stuff up. Now do you see why I had to write about this, nevermind Cam Newton running away with the Heisman Trophy in college football, well he should anyway. Nevermind Ben Roethlisberger's nose getting broken in the first quarter of the Royal Rumble errrr I mean Pittsburgh/Ravens game. Dude came back out and ran it down Baltimore's throat in their house, man's game. I don't even care about tonight's game between New England and the NY Jets, not when Nascar, lawsuit, and Extenze are in the same sentence.

Nascar driver Robby Gordon claims he was stiffed, o.k. poor choice of words, by Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc. the makers of the "male enhancement" drug Extenze. Gordon claims he was to receive payment for putting the Extenze logo on one of his cars driven by Kevin Conway at Nascar events in October and November. Apparently, Kevin was in danger of falling out of the top 35 so Gordon asked Extenze if he could drive the car instead. Gordon says the Extenze people agreed to the deal so he made the switch. After the races Extenze refused to pay citing breach of contract. So Gordon filed a lawsuit today seeking $690,000.

I think its kind of ironic that Kevin Conway started under performing After they put the Extenze logo on his race car. I don't know all of the details about the previous agreement I am just commenting on the lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles county, but if Gordon has the change of driver in writing then he should win his case. Funny thing as I am writing this that a commercial comes on for one of Extenze's competitors, you know the commercial with grandma and grandpa in the bathtub sitting outside watching the sunset. Is it me or are these commercials stupid? The scenarios certainly are stupid, they'll be doing laundry and the moment happens or cutting the grass or baking a cake. My favorite is the one where they are by the fireplace getting close and the front door just flies open and its the relatives yay! That's when they say, don't worry you've got four hours...4 hours! My God, I don't enjoy anything that much lol And how the hell do you try to go on with a normal day walking around like that for four hours? You can't leave your house lol 

The commercial says if an erection last 4 hours consult a physician. I don't know what's worse, that you have to tell someone about your "condition" or that you have to wait 4 hours first. Too much, you knew I was going to have fun with this one. Oh and they never play these commercials at the worst times. I was at my friend Alex' house and he's married now but his girlfriend at the time Lunden was there with her mom and we were all on the couch and Alex goes to get a drink for us and suddenly on the TV...."when the mood is right"... and I'm like Noooooooo! Because I became the spokesman for all men. Lunden and her mom were hitting me with, do men really take that, does it work? I'm like I don't know, I don't wanna know, I also don't care. Let me stop I may need it like 40 years from now, either then or never.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nascar Driver Pulls Gun On Racers

We are in the midst of an unbelievable NFL season, Major League Baseball keeps handing out awards everyday trying to stay in the limelight, and in the NBA the spotlight isn't on the Lakers or the Heat but Oklahoma City? You heard correctly, the Thunder have been bringing it their past few games defeating Chris Paul and crew after trailing in the 4th's game. James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers is trying to set the NFL record for the amount of fines paid in one year by a single player, dude's previous fines were upheld taking him over the $100,000 mark. That's going to be a fun check to scratch. Then you have Cortland Finnegan and Andre Johnson going UFC in Houston. Ripping off each other's helmets, throwing uppercuts and jabs. Surprised Johnson didn't go WWE and fake hit Finnegan with a "steel" chair or throw him through some fake wooden table. 

With all of this news going on if I am talking about Nascar then you know something incredible happened or something really bad happened and it's both. Nascar driver Bobby Hamilton Jr. is accused of going "Scarface" on his fellow racers at Highland Rim Speedway in Tennessee. According to reports, Anthony Walker, a super stock racer, and crew member Scott Thompson were arguing with Hamilton after they were disqualified for their car not being the proper weight. They wanted a refund of their entry fee and they said Hamilton pulled the gun as they were approaching him.

"He cocked it back and started waving it around saying I'll pop it, I'll pop it, I'll pop it," Thompson told Nashville TV station WSMV. Thompson also said, "I've never had a gun pointed at me, and I definitely didn't like it."

Hamilton claims he saw the men approaching with pocket knives. "I kept watching their hands, watching their gestures, they kept getting more frustrated, about the time their hands go in their pockets, about the time they were coming out, they charged, and that's when I said, 'not today, not today,'. I'm going to protect my business and I'm going to protect my life." Hamilton told WSMV. According to police reports, Hamilton has permits for the weapon and no charges will be filed because its a "he-said, she-said situation".

I don't even know where to begin. This is going to be bad for Nascar who are trying to become more family friendly. Not a good look when your drivers are packing heat. Is this Nascar or is it the wild west? Dude was waving his gun saying I'll pop it! That is outstanding. Oh and I love Scott Thompson's statement, "I've never had a gun pointed at me and I didn't like it", welcome to the club Scott, no one likes a gun pointed at them unless you're a badass like Sylvester Stallone or you should've did like Steven Seagal and rip his gun out of his hands and break his arms, very believable move Seagal does in his films, yeah like he wouldn't be shot six times first.

Do you know what I love more than these guys wanting their money back after they tried to race an illegal car...allegedly. Do you know what I love more than Bobby Hamilton going Nino Brown New Jack City on these guys? What I love the most is the Nashville police, listening to both sides, taking statements and going home, that is awesome. No charges fellas? Permit or not, where can you or I go cocking back our glocks and waving them in the air without being shot with a bean bag gun or even worse, being tasered into submission? Tennessee is the answer! Guess in music city it's all good. He-said She-said? What is this the 1950's? This is the first time I've ever heard of that working where no one gets charges, usually someone's going to jail. Watch an episode of Cops and see if that defense works and get back to me and let me know how it turned out.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fan Dies At Chicago Bears Game

What a wild weekend for sports fans. The crazy BCS race in college football, the wild weekend of NFL games, the Lakers losing two in a row? Utah and then Indiana got them, uh oh...just kidding it's only two games. The Miami Heat are going into operation panic mode as they are 9-8 so far this season. They've only played 17 games so I don't want to say they are a disaster but for all the hype surrounding Lebron James leaving Cleveland to play for Miami, you'd think they would be playing a little better. Instead the players are blaming the head coach and the head coach is blaming the players. Speaking of Cleveland, what a spectacle that will be as the Miami Heat travel to Cleveland and Lebron plays his former cousin, who lives in Cleveland, says the security for that game will rival the security for a President's visit...What if Cleveland wins? What if they make the playoffs and the Heat don't? Could you imagine? Uh Oh! I will reserve judgement until after the All-Star game.

TCU the #3 ranked team in the nation has decided to join the Big East Conference. I don't blame them, now they have an automatic bid for a bowl game in the BCS instead of constantly being jumped over by one loss teams in stronger conferences. They are leaving the Mountain West Conference who basically get no respect from the BCS. I just have one problem with this. Texas Christian University does not belong in the Big East Conference. I mean yes they are an excellent team, but shouldn't we mix in some geography? The current eight teams are all in the east, West Virginia, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, South Florida, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Rutgers. Now add Texas, yeah that makes sense. Why not add Oregon or UCLA or Cal State Fullerton, it would be just as stupid. 

One more thing about football this time on the professional level, my dad said that the Chicago Bears were the worst 7-3 team he has seen in awhile. Well now they are 8-3 after beating the Philadelphia Eagles and costing my dad several hundred bucks, told him not to bet, but something really tragic happened at that game.

A 23 year old man died during halftime at Sunday's game between the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles. Reports say his death was ruled an accident. The man was identified as Stuart Haverty. Witnesses say Haverty ran to the ledge and jumped. His friends said he was a skilled climber and enjoyed scaling buildings and trees. His friends also said he may have hopped over the balcony to smoke a cigarette, unaware of the drop. Apparently Haverty cleared a 3 foot railing and fell more than 35 feet onto the roof of a storage building. He was declared dead shortly after arriving at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

According to Soldier Field spokesman Luca Serra, Haverty fell from the concessions area that is a popular halftime hangout spot. "It's a tragic, unfortunate accident," Serra said.

The Chicago Bears issued a statement: "The Chicago Bears are deeply saddened to hear of the tragic accident that claimed the life of Stuart Haverty yesterday. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. They will be in our prayers during this difficult time."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nevada Stuns Boise State In Overtime

The Nevada Wolfpack ranked #19 in the country shocked the world and in the process ended the BCS hopes for the #4 ranked Boise State. Nevermind a #19 beating a #4, what's really impressive was Nevada ending Boise State's winning streak of 24 games. Boise State hadn't lost a game since 2007. Clearly this is the biggest win in Nevada's history and I may be a little biased but I can't help being proud. Aside from the glory days of UNLV's basketball championship, Nevada isn't really known for sports. We are more known for sports betting, but everyone here knew it, watching that game I just knew something special was going to happen. 

I'm not the only one who felt that way, Nevada head coach Chris Ault said, "I'm so proud of this football team, it is the greatest victory this university has ever had. It was pretty special".

Boise State had their chances, Titus Young made a spectacular 53 yard catch down to the 9 yard line with 0:02 left in the fourth quarter, but Kyle Brotzman missed a 26 yard field goal wide right. In overtime, Boise State got the ball first and drove down the field and Kyle Brotzman was called on again but this time he missed a 29 yard field goal wide left. Four plays later Nevada's Anthony Martinez kicked a 34 yard field goal and Mackey Stadium erupted. 

I never get tired of seeing the students rush the field in celebration. Although when Arkansas upset #5 ranked LSU and the Razorbacks fans rushed the field, there was still 20 seconds left on the play clock but the officials just walked off the field, probably for safety.

This was the first ever meeting of two ranked teams at Mackey Stadium in Nevada and it lived up to the hype. This was Nevada's 12th straight win at home. Nevada ends it's regular season at Louisiana Tech next Saturday and Boise State will host Utah State.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Online Poker Banned In Washington

This topic has been getting so much buzz that it was hard not to blog about it, some people want to know what I think on the subject. One of those people is my friend Alex who felt compelled to call me from his honeymoon in St. Lucia to ask me about it. Yes the stories you have been hearing are true, online poker has been banned in Washington state. Dan Martin, who stays in Seattle, has won more than $3 million playing online tournaments. "It's strange to have people tell you that you can't do what you want in your home", Martin said. 

This all started with the Washington Supreme Court ruling in the case of Rousso vs the State. Lee Rousso sued the state for the right to continue playing online poker, once his hobby was made illegal by a revision to a section of the Revised Code of Washington. Recently, the court upheld the amendment that made wagering on online poker a Class C felony, which calls for a maximum punishment of five years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine per violation.

In the days following the Supreme Court ruling, PokerStars issued a statement saying it would no longer allow residents of Washington to play in real money games: In light of this decision, following extensive consultation with our legal advisors, we believe the right course of action is to now block real money play by Washington residentson the site. This policy will remain in effect until the law changes or subsequent legal challenges succeed." Full Tilt Poker, the other leading poker site, followed suit last week.

So, basically if you reside in the state of Washington and you log on to your computer, get out your credit cards, and play poker online in your home, you could go to jail for five years! Oh and poker is fast paced, so if you played ten hands you'll also receive a $100,000 fine...$10,000 for each offense. The government telling residents of Washington what to do in their own homes that they pay taxes on, is this the United States or is this Iraq? Seriously, when I first read this I thought this can't be here in the U.S. this has got to be the Middle East where a woman could be killed if she walks outside without covering her face.

My email was filled with my friends teasing me because I am always the guy saying that poker is not a sport. If poker is a sport then so is crazy 8's and old maid. I stand by that by the way, if you want to call poker a sport then connect four and checkers should be in the Olympics but I am getting off my point. I don't think it's a sport I do think it's a hobby and who the hell is the government to tell American citizens who pay taxes and own homes, what to do on their own property? 

I play online poker all the time, I play in live action events all the time I mean I do live in Vegas, it's either poker with the guys or Keno and Bingo with Maria and Jessica who want a shout out. In fact I am on my way to the WSOP Circuit Event taking place in Lake Tahoe on November 21st. I am curious to know what the people who travel to these events feel about this court ruling. Politicians passing their personal views about gambling onto the general public is dangerous and I would go so far as to call it Communist. It doesn't sound very democratic to me, basically do what they say or go to jail and pay tons of money on your way there, yup sounds like Russia.

Well I hope Lee Rousso takes his case to the United States Supreme Court who can overturn this nonsense. He has my support and I'm sure the support of everyone out there who enjoys playing poker and enjoys freedom to participate in whatever hobby they wish to. Rousso had better hurry though because if he decides to appeal he has to file by December 22nd.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Accused of Battery

While Manny Pacquaio was busy blooding his opponent Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather was battering security guards...allegedly. Las Vegas police were called to Mayweather's home last night after a private security guard claimed Floyd poked him in the face during an incident in Floyd's gated community. The guard was patrolling the gated community when he drove up to Floyd's house to confront the boxer about a parking situation.

According to the guard, Floyd poked him in his face after he rolled his window down to talk to the boxer. Las Vegas police were called to scene and knocked on Mayweather's door but Floyd refused to open the door. Since Floyd was only suspected of misdemeanor battery, police took a report and did not make an arrest. The Las Vegas police plan to turn the case over to the D.A. who will decide whether or not to press charges.

Look, I understand the guard was just doing his job but I can see Floyd's point. If I threw down $5 million or more on a house then I am parking where I damn well please. Some of these guys take their jobs a little too seriously, not to beat up on the "victim" but there's a reason you're not with the LVPD, the real police. Floyd and his neighbors are paying this guy to protect their morning newspapers and to keep stray animals off the grass, not to annoy them about where they park their cars.

Another thing, it's a freaking gated community and there was a parking problem? Now I wasn't there, in fact I just got back home from Houston, Texas, but do you see where it says he drove up to Floyd's house? I live just outside of Las Vegas and I don't know about you but my house came with property and as long as you aren't blowing anything up or breaking any county ordinances you can do whatever the hell you want to do on your property. The only way he could have a problem with Floyd was if Mayweather parked one of his luxury rides directly in front of the gate and blocked traffic.

Oh yeah, and dude was poked in his face, not punched or stabbed. My boy Adam said it sounds like a cash grab meaning dude was baiting Floyd to put his hands on him and granted if Floyd did indeed touch him then that could be battery. We have to be the worst city for celebrities well besides L.A. the reigning champ of ruining lives...we have the most frivolous lawsuits tying up our courts. Don't believe me? Go ask Dennis Rodman how it feels to be sued after shaking a fan's hand too hard...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Vegas Suspends College FB Game After Controversy

These days everyone's a reporter. Information is available immediately and the morning paper on your doorstep is old news by the time you read it. There's also more social networks and ways to get information out there and this can be a dangerous thing in the sense that, the reports coming out are presented as news but this "news" can be and often is false or not completely accurate. I work in radio and the news you hear from us about sports I can assure you is thoroughly checked and our sources are verified repeatedly. The problem is that anyone can report "news" and now you have actual journalist taking these rumors and running with the story and when it's false, there's no accountability. 

A perfect example of this is the story that is the subject of much debate for the past couple of weeks. I am talking about Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. Newton is arguably the most talented player in college football today and he has Auburn on their way to play for the National Championship. This talent is the reason Newton was recruited by several college football programs including Mississippi State and Florida. It has been reported that Newton's dream was to go to Mississippi State but ended up at Auburn because that's where his dad wanted him to go. Then a report came out in which Cam Newton was interviewed and said of why he decided on Auburn instead of Mississippi State, "The money was too much"...allegedly. 

This all started when in an interview with KESN's Kenny Rogers, a former Mississippi State football player, Cam's father Cecil Newton Sr. said it would cost a school "anywhere between $100,000 and $180,000" for a school to sign his son. The NCAA's rules says that any collegiate athlete accepting money would be deemed as a professional and therefore ineligible to participate in any college sports. Cam has started all year for Auburn and is the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy. If these reports are true, not only will he be banned from any further games but Auburn will be hit with severe penalties. Ask USC and Reggie Bush what that's like, Heritage Hall has no record of Reggie Bush at all it's like the guy never played there.

Las Vegas has a connection to the Cam Newton story because the game between Auburn and Georgia on Saturday, November 13th at 3:30est., opened as a 9 point favorite meaning Auburn was favored by 9 points over Georgia. Well yesterday morning, the line moved to 8.5 and then 8 points in a matter of hours and when that happens it means hundreds of thousands of dollars are being bet on the underdog Georgia and so many of the local sports books took the Auburn vs Georgia game off the boards to protect themselves from huge payouts. All of this was based on a false report on twitter which made bettors react and eventually made sports books react. The game has returned to the boards as of this post but that's what I mean by false reports that everyone listen to. 

Cam Newton is such a great quarterback and there is so much difference between him and his back up quarterback Barrett Trotter, that the mere mention that Trotter would start the game instead of Cam closed betting on that game in at least ten local sports books and I was at one of those establishments when the game was taken down and let me tell you how surreal it is to see the number 2 team in the country off the boards because the NCAA is investigating the starting quarterback and no one knows if they will suspend him before the game or at all. This story is ongoing and no one knows what will happen but the school, Auburn, went from calling these claims against Cam "Garbage", and saying that they shouldn't have to respond to this nonsense to their last official comment as of this morning..."No Comment"...uh oh!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Two Players Left In $9 Million WSOP Main Event

First of all, if you are watching the Main Event poker coverage on ESPN then stop reading because they are airing the event from the beginning and I don't want to spoil it for you by telling you the two players that are left...

Well I guess you guys know where I am going to be tonight. Yup, at the very hard to get into Poker Room at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino where tonight the 2010 World Series Of Poker winner will be crowned and awarded $8,940,000.00. Not bad for playing cards. Jonathan Duhamel, 23, of Boucherville, Quebec and John Racener, 24, of Port Richey, Florida have outlasted 7,317 players at the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas.

Going into tonight's heads up match, Duhamel is the heavy favorite with his 189 million chips compared to Racener's 31 million, but strange things can happen in poker so who knows what will occur tonight. 

Joseph Cheong who finished third received $4.13 million. "It kinda sucks that it didn't turn out better, but I'm very happy with my results, and you know, I can't really complain with $4 million," Cheong said.

Fourth place went to Italian poker player Filippo Candio who received $3.09 million.

Fifth place went to Michael "the grinder" Mizrachi who received $2.33 million. Mizrachi said, "Fifth is OK I'm happy with it. If I don't win, there's a great group of guys left and I'm hoping -- I'm rooting for Racener."

As for the two finalist, Duhamel said, "It was the first time I had a real hand", referring to his elimination of Joseph Cheong to set up the final heads up match. Racener said of Duhamel, "He took the easy path, I took the sweating route." All of these guys received great paydays and like I said, the place to be tonight is the is the full list of winners.

1. Main Event Champion ???   $8.9 million

2. Runner-Up ???   $5.5 million

3. Joseph Cheong  $4.13 million

4. Filippo Candio    $ 3.09 million

5. Michael Mizrachi   $2.33 million

6. John Dolan   $1.77 million

7. Jason Senti   $1.36 million

8. Matthew Jarvis   $1.04 million

9. Soi Nguyen   $812,000

Soi Nguyen is the only player who didn't add to his winnings because all nine players were paid the ninth place jackpot back in July when they reached the final table.

Heads up action will resume tonight at 8p.m. 11p.m. eastern and you can watch it live on